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AI Validation SmartTips: Achieve the data quality for unstructured text you didn't know was possible

  • Thanks to WalkMe’s new AI Validation SmartTips, you can finally achieve the elusive data quality you didn’t know was possible for unstructured text
  • Simply add a SmartTip with AI validation enabled onto any open-text field to see data quality instantly improve – For example, improving support ticket submissions to boost first-time resolution
  • Define simple validation criteria, and WalkMe’s GenAI technology does the rest. As users supply inputs, the SmartTip will evaluate the written responses in real-time, either validating the response, or suggesting opportunities to improve

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AI Answers: Raise the [search] bar for information discovery across the enterprise

  • Thanks to AI, search is evolving — massively improving the way users find and interact with the business-critical info they seek
  • Now when users open the WalkMe menu, they will have to option to chat with WalkMe’s AI Answers when traditional search won’t cut it
  • AI Answers are a new conversational search experience powered by GPT, granting added context and the ability to ask follow-up questions when more info is needed
  • Enterprises will have full control of the data and content sources authorized for AI Answers, which adhere to WalkMe’s world class security standards

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