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Getting Started

Getting Started

  • What is WalkMe?

    Last Update April 17, 2018
    WalkMe – the Enterprise Class Guidance and Engagement Platform – drives users to action as they use software or websites....
  • Install the WalkMe Editor

    Last Update April 17, 2018
    The WalkMe Editor is used for building, managing, and publishing Smart Walk-Thrus and the other WalkMe Apps. The Editor is...
  • Supported Browsers

    Last Update July 26, 2018
    Building with the WalkMe Editor Smart Walk-Thrus and other WalkMe items are created with the WalkMe Editor. Currently, you may...
  • WalkMe Glossary

    Last Update May 22, 2018
    A ABRA A machine learning algorithm that monitors user behavior and identifies UX roadblocks and the string of user actions...