Getting Started

Getting Started (8)

  • Last Update May 18, 2022

    What is WalkMe?

    Learn how WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform makes it easier for end-users to complete any task and use any system.

  • Last Update February 20, 2024

    WalkMe Apps Overview

    Get a brief understanding of the Apps that WalkMe is comprised of to help you accomplish your business objectives.

  • Last Update November 29, 2023

    What Data Does WalkMe Collect?

    Understand what Data WalkMe collects and view an example of an event sent by WalkMe’s data recorder for WalkMe Engagement Analytics purposes.

  • Last Update September 6, 2023

    Engagement Methods

    This article will help you learn about the different ways users can engage with your Smart Walk-Thrus and other WalkMe resources.

  • Last Update December 12, 2023

    WalkMe Onboard

    Brief Overview WalkMe Onboard is a self-paced in-product app that guides new WalkMe users through important steps in the onboarding journey, including: An introduction to WalkMe’s products and capabilities Invitation of other users to the WalkMe platform...

  • Last Update August 11, 2021

    WalkMe Technical Onboarding Guide

    Understand how WalkMe works with this Technical Onboarding Guide.

  • Last Update January 18, 2024

    Editor – The WalkMe Builder Experience

    Learn how the WalkMe Editor is used for building, managing, and publishing Smart Walk-Thurs and the other WalkMe Apps.

  • Last Update June 13, 2022

    Insights – The WalkMe Analytics Experience

    Learn about Insights, WalkMe’s all-in-one analytics platform, providing core analytics for all WalkMe items and general user behavior.

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