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Brief Overview

Become as self-sufficient as you want to be. Whether you’re interested in discovering new features or need guidance on products, WalkMe’s Enablement Programs and Services can help. 

Throughout your WalkMe journey, from initial onboarding to deployment and adoption of new features and platforms. WalkMe Services provides proven methodology, technical expertise, education, a collaborative community and more, to help ensure your success. Explore the offerings available to you as you begin your journey with WalkMe. 

Your WalkMe Team

The team of people who will be your first contact with WalkMe during your onboarding process and while you create your business solutions. Depending on your chosen services package, this team may include an Account Manager, Digital Adoption Consultant and a Solution Engineer.  Read more about customer onboarding

Digital Adoption Institute

The Digital Adoption Institute is the builder training and certification service that we provide to customers who sign with WalkMe. Here you learn how to build with WalkMe and strategically solve problems, by creating smart solutions. We have a variety of learning paths available including DAP Manager, DAP Builder and Solution Design and UX for WalkMe. Login here!

WalkMe For WalkMe (WM4WM)

To help you and your team have a smooth start using the WalkMe Editor and platforms, we have utilized our own product to help you comfortably and productively build solutions. Throughout the implementation process, WalkMe features will be providing you with ongoing guidance, tips, and links, perfect for when you need a little more help!

WalkMe World Customer Community

The WalkMe Customer Community is a platform to empower conversation and engagement between WalkMe customers! Share your ideas, ask questions, and create connections with other innovators on the WalkMe Platform. Learn more!

WalkMe Support Site

The support site is your go-to place for all WalkMe related knowledge. With a huge variety of how-to articles available, covering subjects like Getting Started with WalkMe, Building with the EditorAnalytics, Troubleshooting,  WalkMe Services and more! This is where you will find the answers to your questions. Discover it here.

WalkMe Support Team

We have a team of specialized WalkMe professionals, ready to guide you through anything you may need, quickly. From how-to questions to technical requests, we are always here for you, our experts are ready to go 24/7. To track the status of SupportMe requests, visit our Support site. Submit a SupportMe request here!

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