Release Notes – 2023

Last update: January 2, 2023 Latest Editor version: 4.16.2 RSS
  • Dynamic Text Attributes New type - Date

    • New option allows you to create an attribute that is a fixed date, using a date picker instead of manually typing in a date
    • This will help to avoid confusion and errors related to different date formats (US / Europe)
    • When a user types text of an attribute that we recognize as a date, a warning will appear recommending to use Date type

    March 26 New Update Editor GA
  • Launcher and SmartTip Display Condition UX change

    • Text for "Constantly check" under Launcher and ST Display Condition changed from "Constantly check the condition to decide whether to display the item" to "Constantly check the condition to decide whether to remove the item"
    • This was done in order to better reflect what runtime actually does with this configuration

    March 26 Update Editor GA
  • Auto-Steps New type - Remove Text

    • New option added to allow builders automatically remove text that was previously inserted to a text field

    March 26 New Update Editor GA
  • Color Picker Update

    • Color picker for balloon colors now opens up instead of down - to make it easier to access in all screen resolutions
    • Users can now pick a color by pressing Enter and not only by clicking the OK button in the color picker modal

    March 19 Update Editor GA
  • Play in SmartTip Set Update

    • SmartTip set will now play all the SmartTips disregarding any conditions set for them
    • This is common behavior for all the items, only the SmartTip set was behaving differently considering conditions
    • Now all the items are aligned

    March 19 Update Editor GA
  • Configuration updates for ServiceNow customers

    We are starting to roll out the latest configurations to all ServiceNow systems so they are ready for using newer ServiceNow features like Agent Workspace, Next UI ITSM, and "Now" Workspaces.

    March 17 Update Apps Gradual Release
  • User extension version 4.0.85 for Chrome and Edge

    This new version includes performance improvements

    March 15 Update Player Extension GA 4.0.85
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