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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.


Last Updated June 20, 2024

Brief Overview

WalkMeX is WalkMe's generative AI offering, which aims to simplify the use of generative AI for all users of your organization. It empowers you to seamlessly integrate AI capabilities into your organization's daily workflows without requiring users to become prompt engineers.

WalkMeX represents a new separate offering. It builds on WalkMe's core capabilities and strengths while leveraging generative AI technology to introduce a new kind of a copilot for the enterprise that works across applications and workflows to give users a real productivity impact, turning the promise of AI to reality.

WalkMeX appears to your users as a WalkMe Widget which expands into the action bar, containing the pre-built prompts.

WalkMeX Action Bar

Use Cases

Whether it's for IT, Sales, HR, or other teams, use WalkMeX to boost productivity and performance for an entire business, for any workflow across any domain. For example:

  • Sales: WalkMeX can detect competition in an email and recommend next best actions like updating the CRM, or summarizing competitive sales assets to brush up on the competition on the spot

  • HR: WalkMeX can detect inappropriate speech within inputs across performance reviews or candidate feedback and recommend adjustments to ensure compliance is followed WalkMeˣ

  • IT: WalkMeX can detect users struggling with software access, and launch troubleshooting processes or automate submitting support tickets

How to Set Up

Please reach out to your WalkMe Customer Success Manager to get access

Enabling WalkMeX in the WalkMe Editor

  1. Click on the Settings icon

  2. Select Customize content style

  3. In the Customize Player tab, select the WalkMeX widget

  4. This widget will enable the WalkMeX action bar - the new tool via which the end users will be interacting with the product

  5. Go to the Menu tab, and select Pro menu (currently available only to WalkMeX customers)

  6. Click Save

    In the near term roadmap, we will have a dedicated application in the console which will allow to create and customize action bar across all systems.

WalkMe Pro Menu & Pro Menu Lite

Building for WalkMeX


  • WalkMeX prompts are technically launchers incorporated into the action bar, built based on your organization's objectives
  • As a WalkMeX customer, you'll have additional actions in your launchers, as well as rules in the Condition builder

  • In the Launcher Options menu, you can select those launchers to appear in your WalkMeX action bar


There's a business objective to prevent managers of your organization from using inappropriate language when filling out the quarterly performance review.

A manager wrote a review for their employee which contained inappropriate language.

WalkMeX detected the inappropriate language and is offering this manager options to proceed with.

For example, the manager selected the Rewrite with AI option.

WalkMeX rewrote the message. The manager can now either ask WalkMeX to edit it, or accept it by clicking Insert.

How is it built? 

Behind this user experience is a launcher created in the WalkMe Editor.

To reproduce this use case, go to the launcher's display conditions and instruct WalkMeX to:

  • Look for a performance review page
    • Rule: URL → Current URL → Contains → /reviews/
  • Evaluate the open text field
    • Rule: On screen element → Text Is (AI) → “Text contains language that is biased or inappropriate in professional environment”

If a user writes problematic feedback, WalkMe will identify the element containing that text.

It will then send what the user wrote into WalkMe's AI engine along with the condition as a prompt.

In return, WalkMe's AI engine will let WalkMe know that it is actually an inappropriate behavior, which will trigger a launcher to appear.

In the Interaction tab in the Launcher Options menu, you can define what this launcher will do. One of the new actions available to WalkMeX customers is Open Action Bar Menu.

Here you can also define the actions which will appear in the action bar once the launcher is clicked. Each of the actions can be created as another launcher and added here.

Rewrite with AI is also a launcher, which has Process Text (AI) action assigned to it.

WalkMeX will take the text from the element that you selected (in this case, the input field where the employee wrote their feedback) and send it to WalkMe's AI engine with the prompt “Rephrase the text using language that is professional and appropriate for an employee performance review“.

WalkMeX User Experience

Writing assistant

When WalkMeX is enabled, its widget will show at the bottom left of your page.

Hover over the widget to access the writing assistant. 

When the action bar is expanded, the writing assistant icon will appear next to the widget.

Clicking on the writing assistant icon will open an input field where you can ask the WalkMe AI anything.

When the output is generated, you can either copy it, or provide further instructions to the writing assistant.

Editing assistant

When you select text on screen, the WalkMeX editing assistant will appear in the expanded action bar.

The action bar in this case will display:

  • Up to 5 text editing launchers (depending on your screen size)
  • Writing assistant button
  • More actions menu that provides access to the remaining text editing launchers
  • Minimize button

You can create your own customized actions. Once you create an action, it will appear in your action bar along with the actions created by your organization builders.

When saving the action, you'll be able to decide whether you want this action to appear only on the system/app you're currently on, or on all the systems you have in your organization.

Coming soon

A number of text editing actions will be available by default (unless disabled by the builder via the console application) once the dedicated console app goes live. This will happen in the near term roadmap.

Click to see them

  • Improve writing
  • Summarize
  • Change tone

    • Professional

    • Casual

    • Engaging

  • Make shorter

  • Make longer

  • Reformat

    • Paragraph

    • Email

    • Bullets

  • Translate

    • Languages

  • Ask a question

  • Spell check

Technical Notes

  • Languages other than English are currently not supported

    • They're planned to be supported in the future

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