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Last Updated February 20, 2024

Brief Overview

AI Answers is a tool that facilitates easy and efficient information discovery within the flow of work. It minimizes the time and effort required to find critical information and improves the accuracy of the answers received.

AI Answers seamlessly integrates with company-specific knowledge sources to provide a conversational search experience in the WalkMe Menu. This feature enables users to search for answers in a natural and intuitive way. When traditional search won’t cut it, users can chat with WalkMe’s AI Answers without switching apps or context.

LLM Models (GPT) Power Information Discovery

AI Answers is powered by LLM models (GPT), which grants added context and the ability to ask follow-up questions when more information is needed. Enterprises have full control of the data and content sources authorized for AI Answers, adhering to WalkMe’s world-class security standards. This innovative tool improves the way users find and interact with business-critical information, making work more efficient and productive.

Use Cases

  • When organizations are looking to expand the use of AI within their digital transformation strategy
  • Increase employee efficiency and productivity by enabling them to find answers to their questions quickly and easily
  • Provide your sales team with instant access to product information and sales resources
  • Simplify IT support by providing automated solutions to common IT issues

Get to Know and Use

AI Answers is a powerful tool that enables users to effortlessly obtain information without the need to scour through documentation. It operates on WalkMe’s ChatGPT instance, utilizing a conversational interface to provide users with rapid answers and insights.

In this section, we will explore how to access and effectively utilize AI Answers.

Access AI Answers

  1. Go to the WalkMe Menu
  2. Click the Chat with AI button

Join Beta Program

AI Answers is currently running a beta program. You can apply for the AI Answers Beta program through the Beta page to gain access.

Chat with the AI

After click the Chat with AI button, the conversation screen will appear.

From there, you can type your question in the Ask me anything field and receive AI-generated responses. These responses are based on company knowledge sources that have been fed to the AI.

Here’s what you can do with AI Answers responses:

  • Copy response: Click Copy to copy the entire response

  • Rate response: Click Like or Dislike to rate the response

    • Providing feedback on response quality to helps improve WalkMe’s AI algorithms and identify areas for product improvement
  • Access sources: Click Answer Sources to view a list of helpful source for further reading to help you verify accuracy and find additional information

Start a new conversation

Click the new topic button to start a new conversation.


What is considered a knowledge source?
A company's knowledge source is a collection of information, resources, and documents that provide employees (internal) and customers (external) with the information they need about the company, its products, services, policies, and procedures. Examples: FAQs, manuals, how-to guides, training materials, best practices, public support site, and other resources that help employees and customers find the information they need.
Can I customize the AI-generated responses?
The responses are generated by AI based on the provided knowledge sources.
Can I use non-text based knowledge sources?
AI Answers can only support text-based knowledge sources at the moment. Public-facing sites are easier for us to operate during the beta, but it's not a hard requirement.
Does AI Answers support content that is not in English?
Supports only English (Currently, our scanning capabilities are limited to English content).

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