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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

WalkMe Pro Menu & Pro Menu Lite

Last Updated July 16, 2024

Brief Overview

The Pro Menu and Pro Lite Menus serve as the enterprise central hub of employee digital experience, providing a seamless experience across desktop, mobile and web platforms, resulting in improved efficiency and engagement.

The menus offer a sleeker design that can be easily customized through the console, without requiring CSS. Additionally, the menus incorporate advanced capabilities from Workstation, such as enterprise search and additional app integrations, while still supporting all existing menu capabilities and features.

Enable the Menu

  1. Open the WalkMe Editor 
  2. Click the Settings icon
  3. Click Customize content style
  4. Click the Menu tab
  5. Select one of the following menus:
    1. Pro Lite: Available only for AI Answers customers
    2. Pro: Available only to WalkMeˣ customers
  6. Click Save


The Pro and Pro Lite menus will appear only on the new WalkMe Editor UI design.

Get to Know & Use

The Pro and Pro Lite menus will retain all existing menu capabilities and features and also incorporate advanced capabilities that are currently found in Workstation, such as enterprise search, additional app integrations, and more.

In the following section, we will delve into all the new components of the menus.


1. Branding
2. Multi-language
3. Search integrations
4. AI Chat
5. Resources and Tasks Tabs
6. Help Desk integration
7. Powered by WalkMe


Customize your menu with company colors and a logo

To begin customizing, follow these steps:

  1. Open the WalkMe Editor on the the New Menu Design system and click the customize content style button

    1. The button will open the dedicated branding page on the console. Note: This page does not appear in the Console left side navigation bar

  2. Click Customize Workstation Menu

  3. You can also access the branding customization through this link:

  1. Click the Company logo dropdown

  2. Drag & drop your image or click Upload File

  3. Click Publish

Logo Formatting

Logos must follow this format to be uploaded: Format: PNG, dimensions: 30x30px

  1. Click the Brand color dropdown

  2. Click the color box to select a header color

  3. Click Publish

To change the header text, follow these step:

  1. Click the Customize content style button in the WalkMe Editor

  2. Click the Text tab

  3. Enter desired title in Menu Title

  4. Click Save and Publish Settings


The header title can be up to 30 characters.


Engage your end-users in their native language and support a global audience

Select the language you would like to view your content in by clicking the Multi-language dropdown.


The multi-language dropdown will only appear if languages were created in the Multi-language tab in the console.

Text & Multi-Language

Search Integrations

Easily find all the resources you need with our comprehensive search feature

By setting up the integration to search your existing knowledge base or support center resources, your users can easily discover relevant resources through menu searches. This integration ensures that your users have access to all the information they need, making it a valuable resource for them.

To enable a search integration, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the WalkMe Console Integrations page:

    1. US Database

    2. EU Database

  2. Search for your desired search provider integration

  3. Click Setup

  4. Fill out all of the Configuration Setup fields

  5. Click Save

AI Chat

Get answers to your questions with AI for instant assistance

The AI Chat experience and capabilities may vary depending on whether you have the Pro Menu or Pro Lite Menu. Learn more in the AI Chat section.

Resources and Tasks Tabs

Access your important WalkMe content

Resources and Tasks are created in the WalkMe Editor and are published to the new menu design in the Menu Organizer in the console

  • Resources: includes a list of the WalkMe content including Smart Walk-Thrus, Articles, Videos, and Shuttles

  • Tasks: includes a list of Onboarding Tasks for users to complete

WalkMe Menu Organizer

Help Desk Integration

Provides a direct link to your support site

If you have an existing support channel site, you can add a link to it directly into the new menu design menu. Support sites you may want to link to include:

  • Open a Support Ticket

  • Community Forum

  • Knowledge Base

To activate Help Desk Integration and connect a link, follow these steps:

  1. Click settings cogwheel and select Help Desk in the WalkMe Editor

  2. Click the toggle to turn on the integration

  3. Add a Name and URL

  4. Click Save


Multi-link Help Desk is not supported.

Help Desk Integration

Powered by WalkMe

Acts as a direct link to the WalkMe site

White labeling is a PAID feature and is possible only with approval from Sales/Team Leader/CSM.

To skip or remove the link altogether, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the WalkMe Analytics page

  2. Click Powered by link to remove the link

  3. Click Hide under Show powered by to remove the Powered by WalkMe text

AI Chat

The AI Chat is an innovative tool that allows your organization to provide instant and personalized support. The AI Chat experience and capabilities vary depending on whether you have the Pro Menu or Pro Lite Menu.

AI Chat for Pro Menu

The Pro Menu provides a comprehensive Unified Chat tool that brings together multiple features: ActionBotAI Answers, and ChatGPT. This powerful tool offers valuable company-related information and support, allowing you to ask any question with ease. In addition to answering your queries, the chat offers a range of automated tasks via ActionBot conversation suggestions, providing you with instant support.

How to Access

  1. Click the AI Chat button
  2. Enter anything in the typing field

Detailed Capabilities

Toggle between modes

With the ability to toggle between your own company's internal AI and ChatGPT's external AI, you can enjoy the best of both worlds and make better-informed decisions.

Company AI

Easily access reliable information for your own company's sources and receive support. This AI chat uses our AI Answers technology. Learn more about how to set up Company AI here.

The Company AI uses AI Answers to respond to user queries and can also present users with clickable actions to begin automated processes.

  • Access WalkMe items and resources throughout your conversation with AI Answers (For example: Smart Walk-Thrus, ShoutOuts)
  • Access ActionBot suggested conversations to complete automated processes right from the Company AI chat. Learn more about ActionBot and building conversations here:

What Is the WalkMe ActionBot?

Build ActionBot Conversations in Console

Company AI has three capabilities:

  • Text to text: When users write in the AI Chat, users receive internal AI responses based off of company sources
  • Text to actions: When users write in the AI Chat, AI Answers can pull WalkMe Actions and display them to users in the chat
  • Actions to text: Set up a Launcher that allows users to easily access the Pro Menu and relevant text with just a click
    • When creating your launcher in the WalkMe Editor, select the Open Chat option in the Action dropdown


With ChatGPT integrated into the Pro Menu, you can easily access public information from external sources to get quick answers to your questions.

Three Dots Menu

Click the three dots menu to perform additional actions:

  • New Conversation: Click to start a new conversation in the chat

You can also start a new conversation by click the new conversation button next to the chat toggles.

  • Share Your Feedback: Share your experience with AI Chat to help us enhance its performance and overall experience
    1. Select a smiley to give it a grade
    2. Enter a message with any additional information you'd like us to know
    3. Click Send

AI Chat for Pro Lite

The Pro Lite Menu includes AI Answers, a tool used to boost productivity with AI-generated answers to user questions, based on customer-specific knowledge resources. You can deep dive further into your inquiries by starting full conversations with Knowledge AI to get the information you need.

To use, enter anything in the search bar.

Learn more about AI Answers here:

AI Answers

Technical Notes

  • The header title can be up to 30 characters

  • Cycler custom search integrations are not supported

  • Multi-link Help Desk is not supported

  • The pro menus will not support self-hosting (running and maintaining on customer's servers)

  • In order for the new menu design to work, the domain * needs to be allowlisted

  • There can be up to 3 Resources tabs

  • SelfHosted path does note support customizing branding

  • The pro menus will not be displayed in the old WalkMe Editor design

New Editor Design

  • FAQs

      Do I need to have Workstation desktop installed in order to use the pro/pro lite menus?
      No, the pro/pro lite menus can be used by any web system. Anyone who is interested in its sleek design or the easy customization options can benefit from trying it out.

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