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Brief Overview

You can organize all your WalkMe content in one place by using the WalkMe Menu. You can then provide your users with access easily and quickly to your published items.

The Menu contains a list of all Smart Walk-Thrus and Resources, as well as an Onboarding Task list with tasks that you require all users of your platform to complete.

Menu refers to the list of tasks and content visible to your users. Widget refers to the icon that opens the Menu. Together, the Widget and Menu make up the WalkMe Player.

Use Cases

Accelerate Training
Give users a clear and straightforward path to complete training. For example, create a task list with all tasks necessary for a new employee to get started such as creating a profile, reading about company policies, signing up for HR benefits, and setting up an expense account.

Improve Conversion
End customer confusion and make your product attractive and simple. For example, create a checklist that shows off your product’s features and drives customers to action.

Promote Product Adoption
Enhance the customer experience and increase loyalty by boosting engagement with your site. For example, create a checklist that takes the user through all the necessary processes to get started.

How to Build

Please refer to our WalkMe Menu: Getting Started Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to build a WalkMe Menu. If you want to create a checklist for training purposes, improving conversion rates of free users to paid, or speeding product adoption, you may also find the Onboarding Tasks: Getting Started Guide helpful.

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