Player Menu (6)

  • Last Update June 28, 2020

    WalkMe Player Menu: Getting Started Guide

    Brief Overview Organize all your WalkMe content in one place by using the WalkMe Player Menu. Then provide your users with access easily and quickly to your published items. The Menu contains a list of...
  • Last Update June 30, 2020

    Onboarding Task appears Greyed Out in the Menu

    Issue An Onboarding Task is appearing grayed-out and not interactive in the Player Menu: Solution Specifically due to the Activation Rules of the Onboarding Task evaluating as false at that instance: 
  • Last Update April 21, 2020

    Search Provider Integration

    Brief Overview Search Provider Integration allows you to supplement your WalkMe items with your existing knowledge base or support center resources. Once enabled, a search performed within the widget will yield results from the...
  • Last Update April 21, 2020

    Live Chat Integration

    Brief Overview Live Chat is an increasingly popular way for online businesses to improve their customer-care by providing fast and simple customer service access. WalkMe’s Live Chat Integration allows you to integrate your current...