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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Search Ranking

Last Updated April 27, 2022

Add a description and keywords to your Walk-Thru in the Search Ranking tab in the Walk-Thru Settings Menu. By using Search Ranking you can ensure that users will have be able to find the help they're looking for.

The material in this article applies to both Smart Walk-Thru and Walk-Thru users

The Short Version

Consider adding keywords and descriptions to make your Walk-Thru easier to find in the Player Menu. When you add descriptions, they will appear in the Player Menu under the title of each Walk-Thru, making it easier for users to know which one they need. Text in the description will also act as search keywords.

To make your Walk-Thrus even easier to find, add keywords as well. These are words that users might think of regarding their specific need. For example, if you have a Walk-Thru for employees to request leave, users might search for Vacation, Sick, or PTO. Add these as search keywords so they will return the Walk-Thru as a result if the user searches one of these terms.

How It Works

When users open the Menu and type into the Search box, WalkMe first checks the titles of items, then the descriptions, and then keywords. The results are displayed in order of relevance.
Add keywords and description in the Search Ranking tab of the Setting Menu for a Walk-Thru.
  • Description: Use descriptive text that further clarifies the title of the Walk-Thru. Avoid redundancy
  • Keywords:  Choose keywords that are not found in the title or description to make searches more effective for users. To add a keyword, type a single word and click Add, or press "enter" after each. WalkMe checks words individually.

Try it Out

Open up your Walk-Thrus and add descriptions to make it clearer what users will accomplish. In addition, add any keywords that are not found in the title or description but are words that users might type to locate what they need. Once you've made any changes, don't forget to re-publish the modified items. Open the WalkMe Menu and perform a search to test out your description and keywords.

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