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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Drag and Drop Widget

Last Updated December 13, 2022

Brief Overview

Drag and drop the WalkMe widget around the page.

This is an enabled feature

To enable drag and drop, contact your WalkMe Customer Success Manager.

How to use

After your CSM has enabled the feature:

  1. Go to the Editor > Customize Player > Settings tab.
  2. Select the Allow Drag and Drop Widget checkbox.

Drag & Drop feature will add three dots to the WalkMe widget to indicate to the users that they can drag it from that location to another location.

There are 12 anchor points. When the user approaches an anchor point on the page, a dotted rectangle will appear to indicate that anchor, into which the Widget can be placed.

Drag and drop settings will be published as part of the settings publish, same as widget configuration and customization.

Check out the Drag and Drop Feature Highlight Solution in the Solutions Gallery! This helps users get acquainted with their new drag and drop widget.


  • Sites or pages that don't support drag and drop events can't supported by this feature.
  • Sites or pages which load prototype.js  framework won't be able to drag and drop since this framework blocks WalkMe drag and drop event listeners.
  • Due to the 12 location anchor layout, Zambezi and Danube widget types are not supported.
  • California widget only has 4 available drag and drop anchors.

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