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Brief Overview

Keywords are search terms that allow your users to find your WalkMe content when using the Search feature in the WalkMe Menu.  Keywords can be added to Smart WalkThrus, Resources, or Shuttles to make the content more easily searchable.

(Where all WalkMe content will show up if you search for the content title, Keywords allow you to add additional search terms while still using a clean title that will make sense to your users.)

💡Tip: WalkMe Compass Guide

WalkMe Compass offers in-app, step-by-step guidance to help you on this subject. Click on the link below to be redirected to the WalkMe Editor. You must be logged in to your editor in order for the guidance to launch.

→ View the Keywords Getting Started Guide

Adding Keywords to Smart WalkThrus

  1. Open the Smart WalkThru that you want to add keywords to.
  2. Click the Settings button:
  3. Click the Search Ranking tab:
  4. Add Keywords related to the Smart WalkThru.  Any relevant terms or features that are covered in the Smart WalkThru should be added here as keywords:
  5. Click Done.

Adding Keywords to Resources or Shuttles

To add Keywords to Resources or Shuttles, simply open the item that you want to add Keywords to, and add the relevant search terms into the Keywords menu:

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