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WalkMe Player Menu: Getting Started Guide

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Brief Overview

Organize all your WalkMe content in one place by using the WalkMe Player Menu. You can then provide your users with access easily and quickly to your published items.

The Menu contains a list of all Smart WalkThrus and Resources, as well as an Onboarding Task list with tasks that you require all users of your platform to complete.

Menu refers to the list of tasks and content visible to your users. Widget refers to the icon that opens the Menu. Together, the Widget and Menu make up the WalkMe Player.

💡Tip: WalkMe Compass Guides

WalkMe Compass offers in-app, step-by-step guidance to help you on this subject. Click on the links throughout the article to be redirected to the WalkMe Editor. You must be logged in to your editor in order for the guidance to launch.

→ View the Player Menu Overview Guide

Add Content to the Menu

In the Help tab of the Menu, you can add Smart WalkThrus, Resources, and Shuttles.

  1. Click Menu in the WalkMe Editor:
  2. Drag your Smart WalkThrus into the Help Menu:

    All of the WalkMe content you have created is in the left column, and the content that you have added to the Menu is in the right column. To allow users to access your WalkMe content from the WalkMe Menu, drag your Smart WalkThru into the left column. You do not need to add every piece of content to the Menu. You can set some WalkMe content to play only under specific conditions.
  3. When you have finished customizing the WalkMe Menu, click Save.
    To see how the WalkMe Menu will appear to your users, click Preview:

Customize the WalkMe Menu

Use the following steps for a brief overview of customizing the Player Menu, for more details about the customization tab see the dedicated article.

💡WalkMe Compass Guide

→ View the Menu Customization Guide

  1. Click Customize in the WalkMe Editor:
  2. In the Customize Player tab of the Menu options, you can change the Theme Color of the Menu and all other WalkMe content:
  3. You can also change the style of the Widget Icon.
  4. You can use the Widget placement settings to determine where the widget appears on the screen, and whether the Menu will appear docked or as a splash popup:
  5. In the Menu tab, you can choose the Menu style:
  6. In the Text tab, you can edit the text that appears in the widget, Player Menu, and search bar, and alter the widget’s font size:
  7. To further customize the menu, you can edit the CSS of your page. View the CSS for Player Menu support article for more info, or see the dedicated support article.

Add Onboarding Tasks to the WalkMe Menu

  1. Click Menu in the WalkMe Editor:
  2. Click the Tasks tab in the Menu Organizer:
  3. All of the Onboarding Tasks you have created will be in the left column, and the Tasks that you have added to the Menu are in the right column. To allow users to access your Onboarding Tasks from the WalkMe Menu, drag the Onboarding Task into the left column:
  4. Make Tasks your Default Tab in the Menu. The default tab is the tab your users will see when they open the WalkMe Menu. Setting Tasks as your default tab increases the user engagement with your Onboarding Task Menu. When all Tasks are completed, the Menu will become the default tab again:

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