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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.


Last Updated April 24, 2024

Brief Overview

For pages that are several clicks away or difficult to find, create a Shuttle to take users to the right place with just one click. Like Smart Walk-Thrus and Resources, Shuttles appear in the Player Menu and serve as a direct link to another URL, internal or external.

After you have planned your WalkMe Build, think of commonly used reports, pages, or groups that members of your organization frequently use. These can be incorporated as links into the Player Menu to provide quick and easy access to these locations. Once a user clicks a Shuttle they will be redirected to the URL provided. The new page can load in the same window or a new tab.

For example, the sales team in an organization may communicate and ask each other questions using a group or forum page. This page is not easily found and requires a few clicks to reach. By adding a link to this page using a Shuttle, you can create an instant bookmark for employees to use when going to this page.

A few other uses of Shuttles include:

  • Providing a direct link to a promotion page that will prompt customers to sign up for a service or purchase a product
  • Direct access to templates or other “sharable” docs (i.e.Google Drive or Dropbox files) that can't be added as Resources
  • Direct users to pages multiple clicks away

How It Works

A Shuttle is a direct link embedded as in item in the Player Menu. Shuttles can also be embedded within Launchers and ShoutOuts. Once a Shuttle is played it can open in the current tab, or in a new tab. Shuttle Goals start gathering data as soon as they are opened. If a new tab is selected, the current tab will remain open. Usage and Goal data can be viewed from the Analytics platform after the Shuttles are published.

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Creating a Shuttle

  1. Click on the + button to create a new item
  2. Select Shuttle

  3. Give your Shuttle a name (This will be visible in the Menu to your end users).
  4. Click Continue
  5. Enter the URL of the page to which you would like to redirect to, or the email address using the format
  6. Select Destination:
    • Current Page: Shuttle will reload the current page to the desired destination
    • New Tab: Current tab will remain open as a new tab is loaded with destination URL
  7. Define Goals to measure usage of the Shuttle
  8. Assign to Segments to control the Shuttle's audience and display conditions
  9. Click Save

Shuttle Options

  • Description: The description provides further detail on what the Resource includes. This text will appear under the name of the Resource in the Player Menu.
  • Keywords: Keywords do not appear to the end-user, but can help optimize the results that appear after a search in the Player.

Try it Out

Find out which pages are being used the most by colleagues. An email survey or a stroll around the office are good ways of collecting this information. Create a Shuttle to provide direct links to the requested items!

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