Best Practices for Creating Shuttles

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When should I use a Shuttle? 

We recommend adding a Shuttle if you want to give users access to a page they use often, a page they might need and are not familiar with or a page that is hard to get to and you want to save them time.

When should I use a redirect?

We recommend adding a redirect if you want to save the user time, e.g. if you don’t need to train a user but just assist them to get somewhere quickly.

Tips when using Shuttles or redirects

  • Make sure you let the user know you are redirecting them so they know this is not the native behavior of the website; 
  • If you add a Shuttle to the Menu, make sure you use clear text with the location of the Shuttle or its purpose. The same concept applies if you are using a Launcher — Explain where you are redirecting the user and why:

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