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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Spring ’24 Product Release

Last Updated May 21, 2024

Product spotlight: See what's new at WalkMe!

Spring into action with our latest product updates! We've got a whole bouquet of new features (including 2 new generative AI capabilities 👀) to show you.

With this release, we're enhancing DAP's value for your organization, with:

  • More productivity. New GenAI capabilities that help your end-users directly in the flow of work.
  • More coordination. Workflows' new 'business view' makes scoping and monitoring DAP initiatives easier for your most critical workflows.
  • More visibility. New analytics tool will help you visualize and optimize cross-application user journeys.
  • More control. Innovations to the building and administration of WalkMe will enable you to realize value faster.

Ready to dive in and explore the latest updates? Let's get started!

More productivity

Raise the [search] bar for information discovery with AI Answers.

AI Answers is a novel, conversational search experience powered by generative AI, that offers your users context, next steps, and the ability to ask follow-up questions directly in their flow of work. With AI Answers, users get the answers they need fast, without having to switch apps or context.

AI Answers connects to the knowledge sources you choose and is accessed from the WalkMe menu, so you can decide where you want it available and for which users. Curious about AI Answers? Try it today by searching in our Help Center.

Make data entry a breeze with AI SmartTips.

Simply add an AI SmartTip to any open-text field (like in your performance management, sales opportunity, or IT ticketing forms), and WalkMe's AI technology does the rest. AI SmartTips evaluate user inputs and will either validate the response or provide tailored guidance to improve the answer. Say goodbye to “n/a” or “don't know”, and say hello to legitimate information.

When setting up an AI SmartTip in the Editor, builders can define simple prompt-based validation criteria and test it before publishing. For example, apply AI SmartTips to reduce ticket resolution time by guiding users to provide valuable issue descriptions the first time, avoiding unnecessary back and forth.

Manage your AI settings and track usage in one place with the new AI Center.

Available in the WalkMe console inside the Admin application, you can conveniently manage your AI settings for AI Answers, including defining your approved knowledge sources.

Also available in the AI Center, is the ability to track your usage for AI Answers and AI SmartTips. Monitor your overall monthly consumption, and filter down to individual systems for AI Answers, or individual AI SmartTip locations. Apply filters to adjust dates, regions, and more.

More coordination

Drive alignment with the new Workflows business view.

Last quarter we introduced the new Workflows app in the Console, including new Workflow Accelerators to help you 1) easily identify key tasks causing friction in critical workflows like employee onboarding or order management, and 2) customize a set of the digital adoption tools that are most effective at eliminating that friction, task by task, across apps.

This quarter, we've added a new business view in the Workflows app designed for Line of Business managers in HR, Sales, Procurement, Finance, etc. Here, these leaders get to be more involved, collaborating with digital adoption professionals to improve internal processes, while staying ahead with real-time analytics and dashboards tailored for their workflows.

Tag DAP content to the relevant workflow for better management and insights.

Starting this release, you can tag all DAP content to a business workflow using a standardized taxonomy of workflows and tasks. By tagging your DAP content, you will be able to better manage your guidance, and assess the impact it's having on specific business outcomes. You will also gain insights into what type of content is being created, for which business purpose, and whether it's working as intended.

More visibility

Boost user journey performance with Flow Analytics.

At the beginning of the year, WalkMe Insights, our analytics portfolio, started its gradual transition into the Console, with many of the improvements you've been asking for and more. Now the Insights application houses all your favorite dashboards including the Systems Overview, content dashboards, custom dashboards, and the brand new Flow Analytics.

Flow Analytics empowers you to visualize and map complex user journeys across multiple applications, revealing the most and least effective paths users take to complete tasks. For example, use Flow Analytics to gain visibility into your sales process, from initial discovery calls to opportunity qualification and CRM updates. Pinpoint bottlenecks, evaluate the effectiveness of individual steps and tools, so you can build the right WalkMe content to optimize your workflows..

Tailor your data analysis with advanced filter settings.

Enhance the data experience by simplifying filter setup, streamlining how you apply filters, and better organizing filters for easy access. This is your opportunity to slice and dice your data as you wish, filtering by URL/domain, by region, by content type, by device, and more.

More visibility highlights you won't want to miss.

More control

Drive cross-team collaboration with customizable folder permissions.

Drive easier (and safer) collaboration for your teams as they develop DAP content, by defining who gets access to what folders so no one is accidentally changing, deleting or publishing someone else's content. Now you can easily manage settings to ensure appropriate access to projects and maintain proper security with just a few clicks. Note: To activate this capability, reach out to your CSM.

Create with ease using the new ActionBot building experience, now in the Console.

ActionBot's new building experience is a game-changer for creating and managing conversational bots that automate routine tasks for end-users and facilitate increased digital adoption. The new experience includes a revamped interface that is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Now you can quickly build and customize bots without technical expertise, and easily visualize your conversation steps and logic.

Build for scale and resilience with WalkMe's enhanced Builder Assistant capabilities.

DAP professionals' favorite tool just got better! WalkMe's Builder Assistant now offers proactive recommendations for broken Smart Walk-Thrus, personalized weekly reminders for unattended recommendations, and simplified ticket management for tracking progress. Build better together with the WalkMe Builder Assistant.

More control highlights you won't want to miss.

That's not all…

Seeing is believing. Join us live for demonstrations.

Join our product team for an interactive product release webinar to delve deeper into these exciting new features and see them in action. Secure your spot at the event as part of Realize 24'.

New capabilities we'll cover:

  • GenAI capabilities for boosting user productivity and data quality
  • A new way for business leaders to collaborate on digital adoption projects for key workflows
  • Content tagging by workflows
  • Analytics tool for optimizing cross-app user journeys

When: Tuesday, June 25th, 2024. Live streamed at different times across regions.

Register Here

That's a wrap for the Spring '24 product release

All product updates are available starting May 21st, 2024. Rest assured, your current implementation will remain unaffected by the updates until you publish again.
Stay tuned for more updates next time!

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