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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Fall ’23 Product Release

Last Updated November 15, 2023

Product spotlight: See what's new at WalkMe!

We're excited to announce the latest product innovation in our Fall '23 product release. With this release, we're expanding the value of DAP in your organization with:

  • More insights into your tech stack and digital adoption initiatives to drive better outcomes 
  • More DAP building power to expand digital adoption across the organization 
  • More ways to maintain DAP content, ensuring it remains functional and optimized at all times.

Ready to dive in and explore the latest updates? Let's get started!

More Insights

Discover the AI tools your employees are using

Help your organization drive safe and effective adoption of generative AI capabilities. WalkMe Discovery scans for usage of nearly 1,000 unique AI-based tools and applications that could be used for personal or business tasks, giving you full visibility into the AI usage in your company. With this information you can take the right action to enforce policy and guardrails to reduce risk or accelerate compliant adoption of AI.

And that's not all - we're also developing an effective way to easily add content and guardrails on top of these applications without any need to add systems or use the WalkMe editor. Want early access to this capability? Check out our Beta programs.

Get new visibility into your tech stack in WalkMe Discovery

In WalkMe Discovery you get full visibility into employee usage of all applications across the organization to find new opportunities to drive adoption or reduce investment in unused apps and spend.

Now you can: 

  • Measure adoption of multiple unique instances of apps and specific URLs or sub-applications. For example, you can see the exact usage of all your Salesforce deployments like Classic vs. Lightning or Sales vs. Service vs. Marketing cloud. 
  • Group and filter applications by vendor, functionality, business domain and more to generate more relevant insights for DAP initiatives

Streamline your expense management process with form analytics for SAP Concur

UI Intelligence is now supporting SAP Concur! Get actionable recommendations for optimizing and streamlining your expense, travel, and invoice forms:

  • Identify pain points in the form completion process, making it easier for stakeholders to complete forms accurately and quickly
  • Boost data accuracy, reducing the risk of incorrect financial records, reimbursement delays, and fraudulent expenses
  • Minimize non-compliant expenses and reduce employee support costs for expense report issues

Drive better adoption of Workstation with new analytics 

Gain deeper insights into how your employees are using Workstation in their day-to-day work, including usage patterns across users and key Workstation capabilities. With this data, you can measure ROI and develop strategies to drive utilization across your organization, ultimately leading to improved productivity and efficiency.

More DAP Building Power

Drive adoption of Desktop applications

Seamlessly build and deliver in-app guidance in your Windows Desktop applications. With our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can seamlessly build guidance to onboard new users, highlight new features, and offer step-by-step instructions to drive application adoption. By using WalkMe to drive adoption of your Desktop applications, you can create a more unified experience across desktop and web applications, leading to better productivity and optimal process completion.

Enrich WalkMe data with the new Google Cloud Storage Integration

Take your content personalization to the next level by importing user attributes data into WalkMe via our new Google Cloud Storage (GCS) integration, and deliver a WalkMe experience that is relevant and impactful for each employee. You can also export WalkMe data into GCS to sync with your preferred BI tool or database for deeper analysis.

Experience the power of WalkMe's redesigned Editor

Try the new Editor experience with more intuitive access to all the functionality for creating, managing and publishing content, with more advanced filtering, folders and segmentation.

Jumpstart your building experience straight from the WalkMe Console

Find WalkMe's Solution Gallery in the Console for quick access to prebuilt content that you can start using right away. Need to build WalkMe content for Salesforce, Workday, maybe SAP Concur? Head over to the Solution Gallery in the Console, search for what you need and you'll even get personalized recommendations to help accelerate your building process.

Customize your Workstation mobile experience

When it comes to employee experience, branding is crucial. Align your Workstation Mobile experience with your organization's visual identity logo and brand colors in just a few clicks. Now, your employees can search for information, receive notifications, and complete tasks from your Workstation mobile app while fully immersed in your corporate experience.

More Ways to Maintain your DAP Content

Keep your DAP content functional and optimized at all times

With the new WalkMe Assistant, the days of constant monitoring and random testing are over. WalkMe Assistant will provide builders with proactive alerts and personalized recommendations, ensuring that your content remains relevant, functional, and optimized – no matter the changes. Powered by DeepUI, the new WalkMe Assistant will help you perfect and maintain content with simplified action items, track recommended actions across your entire DAP portfolio, and allow you to take bulk actions across multiple items and systems with a few short clicks. With WalkMe Assistant you can focus on what truly matters: scaling your DAP initiatives and creating more resilient solutions for your users.

Test your DAP content more effectively

We've made the process of testing DAP content simpler and more effective. Now in the Flow Tracker you can test more types of WalkMe content, visualize the settings and the logic applied to each item, and simulate the end user experience. It's that simple!

Deploy guidance more reliably with Automatic Element Behavior

Say goodbye to Launchers and SmartTips not displaying for the user due to incorrect element settings. Let WalkMe do the work for you, automatically applying the correct setting without relying on manual configurations. Relax, knowing your content will play perfectly and be published faster. It's a win-win!

Set publish permissions for your account with more flexibility and consistency  

WalkMe admins can easily manage user permissions by standardizing role distribution and hierarchy in each account. Not only does this minimize the risk of accidental publishing of content to production, but it also provides robust permissions for testing content in non-production environments.

That's not all…

Early Access programs

We're excited to introduce 3 early access programs this quarter, giving you the opportunity to try out our latest innovative capabilities before they are released. You'll get an exclusive opportunity to try our new capabilities and have the chance to provide feedback to help shape the final product. Check out our Beta program page for more information.

Shadow AI Actions 

Quickly add guardrails and guidance from the Shadow AI tab in WalkMe Discovery, to hundreds of generative AI tools that employees are using, ensuring the safe and effective adoption of AI across the organization. Shadow AI Actions examples include the ability to block and redirect employees from AI sites, educate employees on effective usage of tools or prevent copy/paste into Gen AI tools.

AI Answers

Raise the [search] bar for information discovery across the enterprise and drastically improve how users find and interact with the business-critical information they seek in the flow of work. Now, when users search in the WalkMe menu, they will find AI Answers along with the traditional search results they're used to. Connected to the data and content sources you choose, AI Answers are a new conversational search result powered by GPT, granting users added context and the ability to ask follow-up questions when more info is needed.

WalkMe Discovery desktop app usage 

Get visibility into desktop application usage in WalkMe Discovery for apps like Microsoft Suite, Adobe, SAP, Zoom and more. Available for existing and new Discovery customers by request via your account team.

Want to delve deeper?

Join our interactive live product release webinars to learn about all the exciting new features and capabilities and get a practical overview of how to maximize the potential of these updates.

Fall '23 Product Release Webinar - Part I: Learn new ways to optimize and maintain your DAP content

New capabilities we'll cover:

  • Keep your DAP content functional and optimized with new recommendations in WalkMe Assistant
  • Test DAP content more effectively with Flow Tracker
  • Deploy guidance more reliably with Automatic Element Behavior

When: Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 11AM ET / 8AM PT

Register Here

Fall '23 Product Release Webinar - Part II: Leverage more DAP building power to expand digital adoption across your org

New capabilities we'll cover:

  • Expand your DAP footprint with Guidance for Desktop apps
  • Drive impactful personalization with our new Google Cloud Storage Integration
  • Leverage UI Intelligence's actionable recommendations on SAP Concur

When: Tuesday, December 5, 2023 at 11AM ET / 8AM PT

Register Here

That's a wrap for the Fall '23 product release

All product updates are available starting today, November 15, 2023. Rest assured, your current implementation will remain unaffected by the updates until you publish again. Stay tuned for more updates coming in our winter release!

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