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Last Updated March 12, 2023

Brief Overview

UI Intelligence offers actionable user behavior analysis that drives digital transformation to meet business goals. Once data is collected, you can discover trends in form usage over time to understand the impact of changes.

World-Class Machine Learning

WalkMe’s innovative user behavior analysis is based on world-class machine learning algorithms, allowing you to quickly identify the areas in your digital experiences that have the most friction, errors, and wasted time. Harness the power of WalkMe’s artificial intelligence to reach maximum productivity, reduce user frustration, identify automation opportunities, and increase data integrity.

Our AI-based solution requires zero configuration and is completely autonomous. Once enabled, it automatically maps out your platform and identifies common forms where user activity usually takes place. Gain visibility to those forms from within our product, while effortlessly analyzing the way users are using the platform.

Build the right things by asking data-driven questions, uncovering real user pains, and continuously measuring and maximizing the impact of your solutions.

One of the most powerful strengths of UI Intelligence is the ability to know where you stand compared to industry benchmarks. Now you can ask how much friction do my users experience, and how do they perform compared to other users who are experiencing similar processes and tasks?

  • Become data-driven when planning your digital transformation strategy
  • Prioritization: focus on the scenarios with the most impact to reach immediate results
  • Become an expert in understanding your users, thus utilizing the full power of the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform
  • Continuously measure the impact of your WalkMe experiences, in constantly changing environments
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The Overview Dashboard

The overview dashboard is your main tool for user behavior analysis, providing great visibility into the day-to-day experience of your users.

You can filter data by time range and department set for a specific form or the entire dashboard view. This allows you to compare results before and after implementing WalkMe solutions, see improvements and the effects on users’ behavior during different periods. We recommend to segment forms by department via IDP to drill into improvement opportunities for specific groups of users. Please refer to our IDP Integration article to learn more.

There are 3 main components that make up the dashboard:

  1. High-level metrics
    • The high-level metrics that give you a sense of the volume of user activity
  2. Highlights and trends
    • Quick opportunities worth investigating and trends in form usage
  3. All forms
    • List of all forms with key metrics for each

Form Page

After selecting a form from the dashboard, you reach the form page.

Here, you can see the actual form (excluding any potential personal content we automatically exclude), see various statistics about the entire form, field-level statistics, and industry benchmarks.

Let’s review this page.

Best Practices

We’ve worked hard to make UI Intelligence an ideal companion for content strategy planning, impact measurement, and digital transformation. Our recommendation for best utilizing the product is to first identify a few forms for further analysis, then dive deeper into each form and come up with actionable insights. Check out the following example:

  • On the Overview Dashboard, select the form that interests you the most. It could be due to a low completion rate, a high number of errors, etc.
  • Now click on the form and review the data presented on the form page. For example, if you click on the “Errors” option to see which fields get a high number of errors, you might realize that the a specific field is more problematic for users than other fields. Looking at the errors themselves by hovering over that field, we can now better understand what users are experiencing, and we can now start planning our solutions with WalkMe. For example, adding a SmartTip to alert the user in advance of a potential pitfall with this field, will result in lower error rates, increase in confidence, productivity, and overall experience.


  • UI Intelligence is currently available for Salesforce Lightning, Microsoft Dynamics 365™, and ServiceNow.
  • See the UI Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics 365™ for details and specific instructions related to Microsoft Dynamics 365™.
  • Data may take a few days or more to show up, depending on user activity and other factors.
  • The feature can be enabled/disabled through the settings section at any time (see below)
  • We don’t collect or store any PII, only aggregations of anonymized usage data. Review WalkMe’s Privacy Policy for more information.

Ready to get started? Go to the UII Getting Started Guide.

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