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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Solution Accelerators Gallery

Last Updated November 6, 2023

Brief Overview

Creating WalkMe Items (Smart Walk-Thrus, Launchers, ShoutOuts, etc.) can be tricky, especially when Builders don't understand their use cases. The Solution Accelerators Gallery is an extensive library of powerful, prebuilt Accelerator Templates designed to speed up the digital adoption experience. These Accelerator Templates are built by WalkMe experts, Partners, and members of our growing community of Builders, and based on a system platform or a specific use case. Each Accelerator Template includes a detailed description of how it works, a preview, and more, so that users can choose the perfect solution to minimize building efforts and expedite deployment.


The new Solution Accelerators Gallery is replacing the Editor's Solutions Gallery. This feature is moving from the Editor to the Console.

There are two ways to access the solutions accelerators.

From Browser

Navigate to the Solution Accelerators Gallery console page.

From Editor

  1. Click the plus icon
  2. Select Solutions to open the Solution Accelerators Gallery
  3. From the Solution Accelerators Gallery, either click Let's go from the popup modal or from the gallery banner

Get to Know and Use

In this section, we'll go over all of the Solution Accelerators features and how to use them.


Explore our four primary catalogs

  1. Recommended: This catalog will only be displayed when the Solution Accelerators Gallery has available accelerators for a user's corresponding Editor System
    1. For example, if the user is browsing the Solution Accelerators Gallery from a Workday System, the Recommended tab will display Workday Accelerator Templates
    2. To view other recommendations, the user must change their Editor System by clicking the Systems dropdown in the top right corner of the modal
  2. WalkMe: This catalog contains Accelerator Templates built by WalkMe experts
  3. Partners: This catalog contains Accelerator Templates created our network of certified Partners
  4. Community: This catalog contains Accelerator Templates built by our growing community of Builders

Users can browse a full catalog by clicking Open Catalog.

Accelerator Preview

Get a glimpse of our templates before you download

Users can preview an Accelerator Template by hovering over an Accelerator card and clicking Preview.

With the Accelerator Preview open, users can learn more about the specific template, including the follow:

  • Accelerator title
  • Accelerator description
  • Who created the Accelerator
  • Which platform the Accelerator was created for
  • A visual preview of the Accelerator's deployable content
  • How it works: a more detailed description of the Accelerator's information
  • What's inside: a list view of the WalkMe items included
  • Assigned category
  • Additional languages
  • A list of related recommendations

Search and Filter

Find desired templates faster using Search and Filters

Users can use the Search bar to look for specific Accelerator Templates by name and keywords.

Refine search results by using the available filters:

  • System Type
  • Created By
  • Category

Configure and Download

To configure and download an Accelerator Template, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the desired Accelerator Template card and click Configure
    1. You can also click Preview first to see more information about the Accelerator, and then click Configure on the preview popup modal

2. Under Account Destination System, use the dropdown to select the desired system to download your Accelerator Template to

3. Click Next


Accelerators and Solution Templates created with an “old copy account endpoint” will cause the Destination System dropdown to disable and default to the current Editor System matching the Console Shell's System Switcher.

Accelerators created with the “new copy account endpoint” will allow users to open the Destination System dropdown and select any Editor System within their account to download the Accelerator. These types of Accelerators are only available through the DAP Kits User Workflows beta program.

4. Under Additional Languages, use the dropdown to select any additional language translations


The Additional Languages column dropdown will be disabled by default when the chosen Accelerator does not contain any additional languages.

5. Click Download to Editor

6. Click Open Editor, to start adjusting the content of the Accelerator Template


  • The Solution Accelerators Gallery does not support multi-accelerator configuration and downloads. Accelerators must be configured and downloaded one by one
  • Accelerator templates downloaded from the Solution Accelerators Gallery will not support NEW Element Library connections.

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