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Brief Overview

WalkMe Solutions allow you to browse numerous pre-configured solutions that address your top use cases and generate them in your Editor with one click. Using WalkMe’s pre-configured solutions in the WalkMe Editor, allows builders to reduce time-to-value and enhance self-sufficiency. We have compiled the most effective solutions used by thousands of our customers over the years and put them at your fingertips. 

Use Cases

WalkMe Solutions use cases include the following:

  • Save time brainstorming what you should build.
  • Shorten your time to value and quickly build WalkMe solutions.
  • Engage your users with effective content that addresses your goals:
    • Onboarding.
    • Support / Training.
    • Engagement / Retention.
    • Conversion.

Using WalkMe Solutions

Click on the Solution icon in the WalkMe Editor. You will be taken to the Solutions Gallery, which contains numerous pre-configured solutions. By browsing through this catalog, you can learn about various best practice solutions (including their names, descriptions, and information on their value-adds), which you can sort by use case, popularity, and much more:

Step 2: Choose Your Solution

Hover over your Solution of choice, and a Use It button will appear. Upon clicking this button, you will be re-routed to the All Items view in the WalkMe Editor:

Filtering and Sorting Templates

You can filter Templates by use cases, including:

  1. All Use Cases
  2. Onboarding
  3. Training
  4. Support
  5. Conversion
  6. Feature Adoption
  7. Change Management

You may also sort Templates by usage parameters, including:

  1. Featured
  2. Most Popular
  3. Recently Used
  4. Newest
  5. Alphabetically

Solution in Editor

WalkMe will have auto-created an Editor Folder with the same name as the Solution, containing the specific WalkMe apps (e.g., Smart Walk-Thrus, Launchers, etc.) that are required for this Solution. This Folder, and the apps within it, will already be pre-configured with initial configurations like initiators and engagement settings:

Step 3: Configure Your App

You will now be guided through the completion of the apps’ configuration by a Smart Walk-Thru (each Solution has a dedicated Smart Walk-Thru (or other WalkMe app-type) that is triggered automatically when you generate the Solution), according to the specifics of your website.

Pro Tip!

You can also manually trigger this Smart Walk-Thru (or other WalkMe apps) by clicking on the “Need Help” button and clicking the Solution name.


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