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Brief Overview

Being organized while you build with the Editor can improve your productivity and help you collaborate with teammates. Editor Folders allow you to organize WalkMe items across all your favorite apps, helping you to be more productive when you build alone or as part of a team.

Folders are containers that help you organize the WalkMe Editor. They appear in different apps, so you can easily jump between apps and see which Smart Walk-Thrus, Launchers, SmartTips, etc., go together.

You can show and hide different Folders so you can focus on a select group of items, and, because the same Folders appear to other builders, they make collaborating with teammates easier. Instead of having one flat, unorganized list of all of your WalkMe app items, Folders help Editor-users organize WalkMe content by a process, product, use case and more!

Using WalkMe Editor Folders, you can do the following and more:

  • Organize WalkMe items by your products or services
  • Create a Folder of WalkMe content designed for a future update to your software
  • Focus only on the content you are editing by hiding all other Folders
  • When working with other teammates, create a Folder with only your content
  • Create a Folder for a specific process on your software

How It Works

Folders are created in the WalkMe Editor and are available to all users with the ability to edit content. Once a Folder is created, you may add items to it by simply dragging and dropping. Folders appear in the following apps: Smart Walk-Thrus, Launchers, ShoutOuts, SmartTips, Resources, Surveys, and Shuttles.

Note: Folders do not appear to your end-users. You may use Categories in the menu to organize content for your users.

The WalkMe Folder item contains the following attributes:

  • Folder name

  • Item counter

    • Indicates the number of WalkMe app items within the Folder
  • Action icon:   
    • Hovering over this icon shows a menu of all actions available for the Folder

  • Expand/Collapse indicator: 
    • Indicates the expand/collapse state of the folder
  • Items that do not belong to any Folder are located in an area called Unsorted at the bottom of the app list:

All Folders you create will be present in each app section’s list, but, unless you’re in All Items view, you will only be able to see apps of the type of the section you are currently in (e.g., if Folder A contains one Smart Walk-Thru and two ShoutOuts, only the Smart Walk-Thru will be visible from the Editor’s Smart Walk-Thru section, and only the ShoutOuts will be visible from the Editor’s ShoutOuts section). If you wish to see all of your items together, click All Items view in the apps dropdown menu.

Additionally, you can drag the content of all app-types into any Folder from any app section. You may create any number of Folders you’d like.

Note: An App item can exist only in one Folder at a time. Folders are flat and cannot contain subfolders.

Creating and Managing WalkMe Folders

Creating a Folder

  1. Click the Folder icon on the toolbar to the left of the Segmentation Manager icon
  2. Enter a Folder name (Folder names must be unique)

You have now created a new Folder, and can drag content into it, including items from other Folders.

You can also move multiple items at once by hovering over the items’ icons, clicking their checkboxes, clicking the Move Items to Folder button on the bottom right of the Editor, selecting the target folder from the popup’s dropdown menu, and clicking Move.  

Searching/Filtering Within a Folder

When using the Editor’s search and/or filter functionality to locate WalkMe content, the results will visually maintain their structure (i.e., you will see each containing folder and their respective results therein).

The item counter on the Folder item will update to show the number of filtered items within the Folder.

Renaming a Folder, Changing its Color, or Deleting It

You can rename, change the color of, or delete a Folder. To do so, hover over the Folder item, then hover over the action icon and select your action-item of choice from the dropdown menu:

Note: When a folder is deleted, all its content is moved into the Unsorted area.


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