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  • Last Update June 24, 2020

    WalkMe Advanced Search

    Brief Overview WalkMe’s built-in Advanced Search feature allows users to search beyond just folder and Deployable items name; users can now search for Deployable item(s’) Captured Elements data, jQuery selection data, Condition data, Goal...
  • Last Update April 13, 2020

    Create a WalkMe Builder Chrome Profile

    Brief Overview While building with the WalkMe Editor, all of the WalkMe content on your page will be temporarily replaced by the content that you’re building and testing. For this reason, we recommend using...
  • Last Update March 31, 2019

    Edit From Preview

    Brief Overview When previewing a WalkMe item, if the builder spots something that needs to be changed or fixed, it can be very difficult to complete the preview and then find and open the...
  • Last Update September 22, 2020

    WalkMe Share

    Brief Overview As your organization’s DAP vision grows as a powerful force in your business and beyond, WalkMe Share allows everyone on your team to share their input regarding your organization’s WalkMe implementation. WalkMe...