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Brief Overview

Edit Smart Walk-Thrus in the Editor without the fear of making a mistake. WalkMe Editor’s Version History feature puts WalkMe content version control at your fingertips, enabling more flexible and secure content-creation.

Version History lets you revisit and restore prior versions of many WalkMe deployables. It does this through the interface of a user-friendly table of each version of every WalkMe deployable and specifying which can be restored. This makes the content-creation process more efficient and less stressful.

Users can sift through deployable versions using such metrics as “Time” modified and modification “Created By” fields of the Version History interface, and restore any version containing “Restore” text and icon to the right of the modification.

How It Works

Version History is available for all actions made within a Walk-Thru, Smart Walk-Thru, ShoutOut or Launcher.  Version History is built upon the Editor’s Activity Log feature and must be enabled by an Account Manager for an account to be accessible. When “Version History” is selected for a specific deployable, the available versions are presented in the Version History table. The versions available are directly tied to the versioning-compatible actions that have been recorded by the Activity Log to that point.

  • Currently, the Restore functionality works only for Modify and Create action types (i.e., Publish, Delete and all other actions appear in the Version History list but can’t be restored).
  • Activity Log aggregates all the saved changes made within a deployable under the action Modify, and these are the changes viewable using Version History.
  • In Activity Log, Modify includes both Rename AND Save actions. BUT, only Modify actions that represent Save actions can be restored.

How To Use Version History

  1. Once Version History has been enabled, hover over a deployable, then hover over its pencil icon and select “Version History” in the dropdown
  2. Version History UI will appear as follows:

    1. “Time” column indicates time and date the action was taken
    2. “Created By” column indicates which creator took the action
    3. “Action” column shows actions as they appear in Activity Log.
    4. To the right of ”Action” column:
      1. “Current Version” label appears for latest action taken with a deployable
      2. Restore button appears for all restorable actions
    5. Users can navigate between pages in this UI using arrows at bottom of screen
Important notes on restoring deployables:

When an action is restored, its row stays in the same position in the table and a new row is added to the UI. The new row is a duplication of the restored version, meaning that the Action column (and the version it represents) is the same, but the Time and Created By will now show the time of the restore and the user who made the restore.

How To Access Activity Log in the Editor

  1. Click the user icon in the top-right corner of the Editor
  2. Select “Activity Log” from the popped dropdown
  3. Activity Log will open in the Editor


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