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Brief Overview

WalkMe Share facilitates collaboration by allowing WalkMe builders to easily share screenshots of each step in a Smart Walk-Thru with selected collaborators via an email link.

This enables real-time collaboration with your peers, making the content-creation process more efficient and productive.

Use Cases

WalkMe Share use cases include the following:

  • Receive peer review on your Smart Walk-Thrus by sharing screenshots with other experienced builders;
  • Create a database of screenshots of your most successful Smart Walk-Thrus to guide future builders;
  • Onboard and train new builders faster by providing examples of successful builds created by other experienced builders;
  • Download your Smart Walk-Thru as a PDF and present it to others to enhance the DAP skills of others.


How it Works

WalkMe Share is a new feature that enables you to download and share screenshots of every step of any Smart Walk-Thru with the click of a button. Simply click the Share button in the Smart Walk-Thru of your choice, input the email address(es) of your desired recipients, and, voila! Instant sharing.


Currently this feature is only available for WalkMe Web; users will receive a “not supported” popup in mobile if attempting to open it in WalkMe Mobile Web.


How To Use WalkMe Share in the Editor

  1. Open the Smart Walk-Thru App;
  2. Hover over the Smart Walk-Thru that you would like to share.
  3. Click on the pencil icon to open the drop down selection box;  
  4. Click on Share;     
  5. Insert the email addresses of all the people with whom you would like to share your Smart Walk-Thru:   
  6. Click Add (only valid emails will work);   
  7. Once you have added your desired email addresses, click Done;
    • Each of the collaborators you selected will receive an email from WalkMe containing a link to a secure page, where they can view the Smart Walk-Thru as it appears to the end user, in real time; this means they can see any changes you make as you make them.    

Pro-Tip: If you have screenshots disabled in your Editor, you will not be able to use the Share feature with your Smart Walk-Thru. Find this option in your Editor Settings in the General tab.


Modify Your Share

To modify your WalkMe Share after creating it, hover over the Smart Walk-Thru, and click the Share button again. Here, you can add or remove email addresses.


Only the emails displayed will have access to the secure link.

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