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Brief Overview

As your organization’s DAP vision grows as a powerful force in your business and beyond, WalkMe Share allows everyone on your team to share their input regarding your organization’s WalkMe implementation. WalkMe Share facilitates collaboration by allowing WalkMe builders to easily share screenshots and videos while building a Smart Walk-Thru, SmartTip Set, or Launcher through an email notification.

WalkMe Share is the most efficient way to collaborate with others about your WalkMe implementation. Share, document, and collect feedback using WalkMe Share!

Designed with a suite of intuitive tools, WalkMe Share offers comments, screenshot editing, knowledge base article embedding, and shared deployable management.

Get WalkMe implementation feedback from your entire team and across your entire company to get the most out of your WalkMe implementation, from start to finish.

Use Cases

Use WalkMe Share Screenshots to:

  • Receive peer review on your Smart Walk-Thrus by sharing screenshots with other experienced builders;
  • Create a database of screenshots of your most successful Smart Walk-Thrus to guide future builders;
  • Onboard and train new builders faster by providing examples of successful builds created by other experienced builders;
  • Download your Smart Walk-Thru as a PDF and present it to others to enhance the DAP skills of others.

WalkMe Share also allows you to generate video simulations for any how-to process from a Smart Walk-Thru. You can create and share a how-to video for a specific user or post it on your support site for everyone to watch.

Use WalkMe Share video to:

  • Offer how-to videos on all your articles for users without extra effort
  • Quickly share videos with customers or employees to resolve support issues
  • Save time by eliminating the need to capture, edit, and even host videos

How it Works

WalkMe Share utilizes and displays the available WalkMe Editor’s screenshot data saved during an implementation’s element capture process.

While building a Smart Walk-Thru, SmartTip Set, or Launcher, you can easily share each WalkMe Editor deployable item with fellow collaborators via an email notification.

Available functionality

  • Generate Slideshow:
    • Select slide range to generate
    • Adjust Slideshow iframe dimensions
    • Adjust Slide’s duration auto play timing
  • Generate Video:
    • Select slide range to generate
    • Autoplay video option
    • Adjust Video resolution
    • Adjust Video click delay animation
  • Folder presentation view:
    • View and present all deployable items within a folder as a single end-to-end presentation
  • Share settings popup modal:
    • Now supports multiple email input property
    • Single deployable item sharing
      • Control which user has access to a single deployable item.

Feature Requirements

Enabling screenshots within the WalkMe Editor is required to use WalkMe Share. Steps captured without screenshots can not display within WalkMe Share.

WalkMe Share screenshots are pulled directly from the WalkMe Editor screenshot data. Occasionally, jQuery steps appear cut-off, attached to the wrong element, or may appear to be floating near the top left-hand corner of the screenshot. 

Please Note:

This type of issue is not a WalkMe Share bug, but rather an issue with the element capture feature of the WalkMe Editor. The WalkMe Share team has accounted for this challenge by introducing the Edit Item Position feature. For further information or questions, please contact your WalkMe Account Manager or WalkMe Support.

How To Use WalkMe Share in the Editor

Editor Screenshot Activation

To activate WalkMe Share, first, enable the WalkMe Editor account to capture screenshots within the accounts General Settings.

Locate the WalkMe Editor Screenshot Settings by navigating to:

  1. Click Editor “Settings”
  2. Click the “General” tab
  3. Scroll down to the “Screenshot Settings”
  4. Select the radio button labeled, “Capture screenshots” (Recommended):

Please Note:

WalkMe Share’s slides are entirely dependent on the screenshot functionality within the WalkMe Editor. Elements captured while the Screenshot Settings are set to “blur” or “disabled” will appear with slides that have blurred backgrounds or will not load at all within Walkme Share.

Using WalkMe Share

  1. Open the Smart Walk-Thru App;
  2. Hover over the Smart Walk-Thru that you would like to share.
  3. Click on the pencil icon to open the drop down selection box;  
  4. Click on Share;     
  5. Insert the email addresses of all the people with whom you would like to share your Smart Walk-Thru:   
  6. Click Add (only valid emails will work);   
  7. Once you have added your desired email addresses, click Done;
    • Each of the collaborators you selected will receive an email from WalkMe containing a link to a secure page, where they can view the Smart Walk-Thru as it appears to the end user, in real time; this means they can see any changes you make as you make them.    

Pro-Tip: If you have screenshots disabled in your Editor, you will not be able to use the Share feature with your Smart Walk-Thru. Find this option in your Editor Settings in the General tab.

Modify Your Share

To modify your WalkMe Share after creating it, hover over the Smart Walk-Thru, and click the Share button again. Here, you can add or remove email addresses.


Only the emails displayed will have access to the secure link.

Share Collaboration

Collaboration and feedback are key to creating great WalkMe experiences, that’s why builders often work together when creating Smart Walk-Thrus. WalkMe Share allows your teams to build better together.  Simply share a link with any user and they get the latest version of your Smart Walk-Thru with full screenshots. They can even leave feedback with live comments so building together is faster and easier than ever before.  

Use WalkMe Share to:

  • Get approval and feedback from managers or key stakeholders.
  • Give feedback to other builders without editing their Smart Walk-Thru.
  • Collaborate without having to create accounts for non-WalkMe peers.
  • Add comments to any slide
  • Respond to comments in-line
  • Resolve pending comments

You are also able to hide slides from a presentation. Slides hidden will not appear in a generated slideshow or video.

Comment feature

Video limitations

WalkMe Share exports Vimeo videos as a private URL link that can, be copied and placed into any knowledge base article, WalkMe Resource, or webpage.

QuickTime can not open and play .mp4 files due to the file type’s codec. QuickTime, developed by Apple, is the default player pre-installed on Mac operating systems and doesn’t support .mp4 codec.


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