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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

WalkMe Share

Last Updated December 14, 2022

Brief Overview

WalkMe Share is the most efficient way to get peer and stakeholder feedback on your WalkMe implementation. Manage feedback through comments, screenshots, and embedded knowledge base articles.

Get WalkMe implementation feedback from your entire team and across your entire company to get the most out of your WalkMe implementation, from start to finish.

WalkMe Share Domains

Standard web domain:

European Union GDPR domain:

Use WalkMe Share screenshots to:

  • Receive peer review on your Smart Walk-Thrus by sharing screenshots with other experienced builders
  • Create a database of screenshots of your most successful Smart Walk-Thrus to guide future builders
  • Onboard and train new builders faster by providing examples of successful builds created by other experienced builders
  • Download your Smart Walk-Thru as a PDF, PowerPoint, or jpeg, and present it to enhance the DAP skills of others

Use WalkMe Share video exports to:

  1. Offer how-to videos on all your articles for users without extra effort
  2. Quickly share videos with customers or employees to resolve support issues
  3. Save time by eliminating the need to capture, edit, and host videos

How it works

WalkMe Share pulls screenshots directly from the WalkMe Editor during the capture element process

Shared Items Page

The Shared Items Page shows a table display of items that a user created in their own WalkMe Editor account and items that other WalkMe users shared with them.

Learn more about the shared items page.

Presentation Page

Quickly demo a WalkMe build using the WalkMe Share Presentation Page with its flexible, collaborative, and intuitive interface. WalkMe Share Presentations can be shared, opened, and edited by multiple users simultaneously.

Learn more about the presentation page.


Activate Editor Screenshots

Toggle on screenshot capture in the WalkMe Editor account's Settings

  1. Click Editor Settings
  2. Click the General tab
  3. Scroll down to the Screenshot Settings
  4. Select the radio button labeled Capture screenshots (Recommended)

Note: WalkMe Share's slides are entirely dependent on the screenshot functionality within the WalkMe Editor. Elements captured while the Screenshot Settings are set to “blur” or “disabled” will appear with slides that have blurred backgrounds or will not load at all within WalkMe Share.

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