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The Activity Log is a simple way for you to keep track of changes made to items in your Editor account. This collaboration tool will make it easy to keep track of who has created or changed a WalkMe item, as well as any changes made to account settings.

The Short Version

When working with a large team of people on your WalkMe implementation, it can be useful to see which members of your team are making changes to WalkMe items and settings in your editor account. The Activity Log tracks information across all Apps, including Element Tracking. In the Activity Log, you can see information about changes that were made to your account, including:

  • Time and Date of the change
  • User Identifier – including role and email account
  • Action taken
  • The item or setting that was changed

How It Works

The Activity log can be accessed from the Editor Menu. It tracks data as far back as the feature was introduced on your account. All accounts will be upgraded as of January 2017.

Information Collected

The information collected by WalkMe in the Activity Log is presented in a table. The activity log tracks:


  • Date and Time
  • User: Presented as the email used to log into the editor.
    Make sure each user has their own login credentials to the WalkMe editor by adding them as a user. “WalkMe Backoffice user” indicates that a WalkMe Employee made changes to your account.
  • Role: The activity log will display both custom and default roles.
  • Action Type: This will record exactly what was done to the object. Actions include creating, modifying, deleting, publishing, and any changes made to Segment Tags.
  • Object: The object will refer to a specific app that was changed or the account settings.
  • Object Description: This will include the specific name of the app or setting that has been changed.

This information can be exported to a .CSV file for sorting and advanced reporting. Find the export button at the top of the Activity Log page and click Export to CSV.

Try it Out

Go to your activity log and export activity data. See who has been the most active in a given week and give them the recognition they deserve!

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