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Last Updated April 11, 2022

The Activity Log is a simple way for you to keep track of changes made to items in your Editor account. This collaboration tool will make it easy to keep track of who has created or changed a WalkMe item, as well as any changes made to account settings.

The Short Version

The WalkMe Activity Log is where users can track all the activities conducted in their WalkMe account, such as content creation and configuration changes.

Having the visibility and monitoring capabilities becomes more important as:

  • Global organizations want to monitor the activities of branches/regions
  • Content is managed across different environments

We will go over the advantages of using the Activity Log in the article below.

How It Works

How to Access the Activity Log

  1. Navigate to the WalkMe Admin Center at
    • Or, use the shortcut in the Editor:
  2. Click on the “Activity Log” tab
  3. By default, you will see the Activity Log for ALL Systems the Account is connected to
    • Note: Use the Systems dropdown to refine your results

The following information is shown:

  1. Systems: Dropdown to select the Systems you wish to view activity on
  2. Time Range: Dropdown time range to apply
  3. Search bar: Search for specific events and keywords
  4. Download Report button: Downloads a .csv file of the log
  5. Time: Date + time the event occurred
  6. User: The user who conducted the action the event documents
    • Actions conducted on behalf of a user will be shown as “WalkMe user”
  7. System: The System where the action was performed
  8. Action: The action that was performed
  9. Description: Informative text explaining the event

You can click on any event to see the Event Details with additional information.

Try It Out

Go to your activity log and export activity data. See who has been the most active in a given week and give them the recognition they deserve!

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