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  • Last Update April 1, 2019

    Session Idle Timeout

    Companies with strict security guidelines require simple and intuitive safeguards to reduce the likelihood that unauthorized users gain access to their WalkMe Editor accounts. WalkMe’s Session Timeout settings provides just such a safeguard, reducing...
  • Last Update May 16, 2019

    Migrating to the New User Management

    Brief Overview This article provides a more detailed and technical description of how the migration is performed from the legacy User Management system to the new User Management system. For more information about the new User Management...
  • Last Update June 30, 2019

    Enterprise Mode

    Enterprise Mode gives control to enterprise customers who require publishing authority over their different WalkMe components which require updating and are normally published by default to any of their environments.
  • Last Update July 15, 2020

    Multi-System Administration

    Multi-System Administration Multi-System Administration enables you to manage accounts across different systems and implementations. With Enterprise Accounts, you can consolidate different WalkMe Editor accounts into one centralized location, easily switch between existing accounts, or create...
  • Last Update October 23, 2020

    User Management and User Roles

    User Management is a feature in Analytics that supports team collaboration in the WalkMe Editor. In User Management, view who has access to your Smart Walk-Thrus and control different levels of access in the...
  • Last Update January 31, 2021

    Activity Log

    The Activity Log is a simple way for you to keep track of changes made to items in your Editor account. This collaboration tool will make it easy to keep track of who has...
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