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Multi-System Administration

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Multi-System Administration

Multi-System Administration enables you to manage accounts across different systems and implementations. With Enterprise Accounts, you can consolidate different WalkMe Editor accounts into one centralized location, easily switch between existing accounts, or create a new linked account. Accounts will remain separate from each other, but can be easily managed in one centralized location.

Brief Overview

Multi-System Administration can consolidate different WalkMe Editor Accounts into one place. You can add all your WalkMe Editor Accounts in one place, and switch between these accounts without the need to log in and out multiple times. Use Multi-System Administration to:

  • Switch between accounts
  • Manage multiple editor accounts and user permissions

How It Works

All new accounts are created as Multi-System Administration. Then you are able to add all your systems to this account. Each system corresponds to a different WalkMe Editor Account with WalkMe items. Note that once added, a system cannot be removed from your Enterprise Accounts. The data from your different Editor accounts will remain separate in WalkMe Insights.

Settings Breakdown

Switching Accounts

  1. Log into the Editor using your Multi-System Account
  2. Select systems: 
  3. Choose the system in which you’d like to work:

Adding Users to an Account

  1. Log into your Multi-System Account
  2. Select System
  3. Manage dropdown and add users there:
  4. Select Add New user 
  5. Add User’s details and select which systems to which they will have access:
  6. Select the level of access the user will have. Read more on the different role types in our User Management Article.
  7. Click Save.

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