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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

WalkMe Login

Last Updated July 7, 2023

Brief Overview

The login page allows a user to access all WalkMe products by entering their username and password or by authenticating using SSO or social network login.

How To Log In

1. Navigate to

or  for EU data center

2. Enter your email and click Next

3. If the user's login method is Login with password, the user will need to provide a password

4. If the user's login method is SSO, then clicking on Next (step 2) will redirect them to authentication against their SSO provider and then directly into the product

Reset Password

Prerequisite: the user must be assigned to "Login with password" as a login method. Users who are using SSO as a login method won't receive the relevant email.

How to check user login method: In the Admin Center, go to Users & Roles, click the user's name and check the login method field.

1. After entering your username on the sign in page and clicking Next, click forgot password

2. Make sure that the email is correct and click send email verification

A confirmation screen will appear

3. Go to your mailbox and search for the email from

Email title: Account password reset

4. Click on the Reset Password button

The link inside the "Reset Password" button is valid for 8 hours only. if 8 hours has been passed, the user will need to repeat steps 1-3 again.

5. Create new password following the rules described in the screen and click Reset Password

Social Login

Social Login is a method to access sites and apps that doesn't require additional credentials to log in. WalkMe's social login supports Google social identity providers, allowing users to log into WalkMe using their Google or Microsoft credentials.

When Social Login is enabled, users can log in to their WalkMe account using either their WalkMe or email account credentials.

To turn on Social Login:

  1. Access the Admin Center at
  2. Under "Security" page, open the "Social Login" page
  3. Switch the toggle on or off to enable or disable

Note: The toggle is turned on by default for all accounts.

Social Login

Learn more about creating new users and the WalkMe Admin Center.

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