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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Enterprise Mode

Last Updated March 29, 2021

Brief Overview

Enterprise Mode gives control to enterprise customers who require publishing authority over their different WalkMe components which require updating and are normally published by default to any of their environments, by separating the runtime version updates from the content, Enterprise Mode will allow users to have more control over their publishes.

In Enterprise Mode, WalkMe version can be manually updated to the latest version by the builders. Giving you more control over the updates of WalkMe's runtime versions. Builders will be able to test their content in the current version that they have (before updating) and in WalkMe's latest version for comparison using the preview functionality.

This feature is currently in the early access phase, reach out to your WalkMe contact to learn about it.

Use Cases

  • WalkMe released a new capability and a builder wishes to test the functionality of this new capability in their Test environment before publishing any behavior changes to the Production environment, while still updating and publishing content for the Production environment.
  • WalkMe updates existing functionality and builder requires testing before publishing.
  • Customers with heightened security concerns on their websites that require more control over any new WalkMe version published.

How It Works

To enable Enterprise Mode on an account, upon request, WalkMe's Solution Architects will make sure your Editor was set up completely and your account is qualified.
Once approved, they will enable Enterprise Mode in the account by feature and communicate that an updated publish is required to start the control over all future publishes.

All changes to the account's settings, behavior and code will require a manual update by the builder and will not happen automatically. When enabling Enterprise Mode for an account, the WalkMe runtime files must be updated

This update will freeze the following files (marked blue in the flowchart below) from this point on, and a timestamp will be added to the update, for future reference.

After the version was set, when a builder publishes new content, all publishes will take the same (frozen) files without any change to the code.

The only files that might change are the Settings and Data files which contain the account settings and content of WalkMe, such as the Smart Walk-Thrus, ShoutOuts, etc.


Any new WalkMe runtime file that is added to an account may be considered a change and will not be added to any publish until the user decides to update WalkMe's runtime version.

The table below explains the Publish behavior before and after Enterprise Mode is enabled, in terms of WalkMe's version (this is only an example).


Updated Publish creates a new version bundle of files. The same version of files will be published as long as the user did not update it.

Action Publish number Version Bundle  number WalkMe (files) version
Current state Publish 1 - v0.97
Current state Publish 2 - v0.99
Enterprise Mode Enabled Updated Publish 3 1 v1.00
Publish 4 1 v1.00
Publish 5 1 v1.00
Publish 6 1 v1.00
Updated Publish 7 2 v2.06
Publish 8 2 v2.06
Publish 9 2 v2.06
Publish 10 2 v2.06

The figures in the above table are for example purposes only. For information on WalkMe's latest file version, contact your WalkMe representative or our Support team.

Previewing WalkMe's Content

With Enterprise Mode, using the Latest Available WalkMe version, builders can understand and decide if an update is needed.

Builders are also able to preview their content that was published per environment, using WalkMe's Current Version:

Updating WalkMe's version

In any publish type (either including content or not), Enterprise Mode builders will have the ability to manually update to latest WalkMe version by checking the box Update to the latest WalkMe version:

If the update checkbox is checked, before publishing any content, a warning message will appear:

In case something failed during the publishing process, users will receive another message with the following message:

The publish action in Enterprise Mode will send informative events that can later be investigated by our Support team, to understand the root cause of the failed publish.


Updating WalkMe's version is a permission that can be revoked from any Admin user so that only specific Admins perform the update.

When a version update was made by the builder, the action will also be recorded per environment in the activity log:


  • Parent-Child Accounts are currently not supported in Enterprise Mode.
  • Preview Latest:
    • Regardless of the selected environment (Production, Test, etc) when previewing the latest WalkMe version, the plugins and customizations that were used for the Preview environment will be loaded and previewed.

If no update was made to WalkMe's runtime version and new content is created and published, some content might not work if the runtime version doesn't support it. Using the Preview capabilities and reading the weekly Technical Release Notes should assist you in addressing this issue before publishing.

Some security auditing concerns can be mitigated with Enterprise Mode and Self Hosted accounts, for more information, please contact WalkMe's Security team.

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