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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Insights: Getting Started Guide

Last Updated February 28, 2024

Insights Introduction

WalkMe Insights, accessible at, allows you to see how users are interacting with your WalkMe content and your underlying platform.  Based on the data collected through Insights, you can identify users' pain points in your platform, and then create new WalkMe solutions to overcome these points.

WalkMe Insights allows you to view the following:

  • Real-time analytics
  • User engagement data with WalkMe content and your underlying platform
  • Accurate re-creations of your users' in-app sessions
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Workstation Data Not Supported

Please note that the Insights feature currently does not support or analyze workstation data. However, we are constantly working to improve our system, and we plan to add support for workstation data in the future. In the meantime, you can still access and learn more about your workstation data from the workstation dashboard in the console.

Systems Overview

Systems Overview is the main Insights dashboard and default landing page for all accounts with more than one system.

It allows you to monitor system usage from one dashboard and then select which system you would like to view insights for independently from the Monitored Systems table.

Systems Overview

Insights Overview

Clicking on the name of a system in the Monitored System table on the Systems Overview page will open the Insights Overview page for that system. There you can see an overall summary of how users are interacting with the system directly, including several key metrics:

    • The number of unique users and sessions over time
    • A map of where your users are located
    • A breakdown of your average session length
    • Top WalkMe items and goals reached

The Overview page will also be the default landing page if an account only has one system.

Insights Overview Page


You can use the dropdown in the upper right corner to switch views between your different systems, or quickly return to the Systems Overview page from the header bar.

Apps Overview

In the Apps Overview page, you can view the number and percentage of users who are interacting with your WalkMe content. Here you can also see your most valuable WalkMe items and the top goals reached in Smart Walk-Thrus.

Insights Apps Overview Page

You can further drill down into your WalkMe content by using the WalkMe Apps pages, organized by type (Smart Walk-Thrus, Onboarding Tasks, ShoutOuts, Launchers, Resources, Shuttles, Surveys, SmartTips, Menu & Search).

Insights Apps Pages


The Users page displays each unique user for the selected sessions. This allows you to see how individual users are interacting with your platform.

Insights Apps Pages

Tracked Events

Tracked Events allow you to analyze your users' experience with a specific process.

They can help to ensure that users are completing a process that is significant for success on your platform, or any process that users are struggling to complete. You can identify which processes users are struggling to complete based on goals set in your Smart Walk-Thrus.

To track a specific process, it is best to create a series of Tracked Events and link them together using Funnels.

Creating General Tracked Events in Insights


Once you have created a series of Tracked Events, you can create a Funnel that combines these Tracked Events, and allows you to view the Session Playback for the overall process. Viewing sessions that are specific to this process will allow you to identify the specific points in the process that users are struggling to complete.

About Insights Funnels

Session Playback

Session Playback allows you to view a real-time recreation of your users' experience using your platform.  This way you can identify processes that users are struggling to complete. Session Playback is most effective when used in conjunction with the Insights Tracked Events and Funnels features.

About Insights Funnels


Reports allow you to subscribe to reports based on the data collected in Insights.

About Insights Reports


Integrations connects your Insights data with external platforms. This will allow you to collect Insights data based on user behavior in these platforms, and build solutions to address any user issues with these external services.

For more information on the available Integrations, see the links below:

Outgoing Scheduled Integrations

Incoming Integrations

Real-Time Integrations

Understanding Insights Community Webinar

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