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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

WalkMe Console

Last Updated February 20, 2024

About WalkMe Console

The Console, accessible from, is your one-stop-shop for all things WalkMe. Console aims to provide a simple user journey allowing users to easily navigate between all our WalkMe apps and products.

Overtime, all existing interfaces including Insights, ActionBot, and the Admin Center will consolidate into a single interface here for all your digital adoption needs.

In this article, we'll go over console components and available apps.

WalkMe Console components

The WalkMe Console is a centralized platform that provides access to all of WalkMe's applications and products. It is designed to simplify user navigation and provide a seamless experience.

The console is composed with the following components:

  • User Account

  • Environment

  • System

  • Desktop / Mobile View (available depending on app)

  • Navigation Bar

User Account

The available options in the user account dropdown in the WalkMe console may vary depending on the user's account settings and permissions.

However, some common options include:

  • Impersonate: Impersonate mode allows users to temporarily take on the identity of another user for testing and troubleshooting purposes. Learn more here.

  • Admin Center: Opens a new tab to the Admin Center, a centralized platform that allows WalkMe users to manage and customize their WalkMe implementation. Learn more here.

  • Language: The console supports the following languages -

    • English

    • Japanese

  • Access to Support: Opens a new tab to the Community page for contacting Support

  • Sign Out: Users can click to sign out of their user account


The environment dropdown allows users to switch between different environments set up for WalkMe implementation.

Switching between environments allows users to view and edit WalkMe content specific to each environment.


The system dropdown in the WalkMe console is a menu that allows you to select the system that you want to work on. It allows you to switch between different systems that you have created in the WalkMe console so that you can manage your WalkMe content for each system separately.

Desktop / Mobile View

The Desktop / Mobile view dropdown in the WalkMe console is a menu that only appears in relevant apps that support mobile view on top of the regular desktop view, such as Menu Organizer and Multi-Language.

If the account has mobile view defined for them on a system, they will see this third dropdown.

The navigation bar provides easy access to the various apps available in the Console, allowing for seamless navigation between them.

The Navigation Bar (NavBar) has two states:

  1. Collapsed (view icons only)

  2. Expanded (view icons and app names)

By default, the NavBar is in a collapsed state that, upon hovering, will expand. In either state, the NavBar displays all available apps on Console.

Some apps have multiple sub-routes, indicated by a dropdown arrow, allowing users to quickly navigate to the relevant page within the desired app.

Console Apps 

Homepage - Activity Board

The Activity Board is the Homepage of WalkMe Console. Upon entering the Console, users are navigated to the Activity Board.


WalkMe Assistant is a tool that provides personalized recommendations to improve digital adoption assets and allows for real-time issue solving and reporting. The Assistant dashboard in the console offers a central location to manage tickets and view building recommendations.


The Workflows app focuses on common challenges in organizational processes and provides solutions for theses processes therefore shortening time to value.
Using common industry language and taxonomy, starting with the business domain.

The Solutions Gallery offers prebuilt Accelerator Templates designed to simplify digital adoption. These Templates are created by experts, partners, and WalkMe's community of Builders, based on specific use cases and platforms, and come with detailed descriptions and previews to expedite deployment.

The Menu Organizer allows users to customize content for the WalkMe menu and Workstation. It provides a user-friendly interface for creating, editing, and organizing WalkMe items, and allows you to easily publish and deploy.


The ActionBot enhances digital adoption by allowing end-users to perform complex tasks through a central chat-like interface, reducing errors and frustration.

ActionBot creation is transitioning from the Editor into the Console in order to provide a better user experience.


The Workstation console page allows organizations to set up and manage their Workstation systems. Admin users can create and customize their Workstation systems from within the console. Additionally, they can manage integrations, enable/disable features, and monitor their Workstation performance directly from the console.

Communications Center

The Communications Center is an app where users can create and enable direct notification from an organization to an employee.


TeachMe is an app that lets you package your WalkMe experiences into learning modules and complete courses. The TeachMe Dashboard on console allows the users to create, control, and monitor all of their TeachMe content and insights on the same platform.


Multi-Language lets you translate your content into multiple languages without the need for rebuilding. The Multi-Language feature allows you to manage, edit, and export translations, as well as integrate with various translation providers.

WalkMe Share

With WalkMe Share, efficiently gather feedback on your WalkMe implementation from peers and stakeholders via comments, screenshots, and embedded knowledge base articles. When clicking on the WalkMe Share tab in the console, you'll be redirected to the WalkMe Share website.


Discovery offers a thorough understanding of an organization's application usage, including active user count, usage frequency, licensing utilization, and time spent per app. All of this information can be accessed and utilized within the WalkMe Console.

UI Intelligence

UII analyzes form usage trends with a filtered dashboard that helps businesses make data-driven decisions for improving user experience.


Insights is WalkMe's all-in-one analytics platform, providing general user behavior and core analytics for all WalkMe items. When clicking on the Insights tab in the console, you'll be redirected to the insights website.

New Console Insights

A new version of Insights with improved data engine, refreshed look, and new capabilities is has been launched to provide users with a seamless experience accessible directly from the console without being redirected.

Landing Pages

The Console Navigation bar will display ALL available apps to users.

Marketing landing pages will display on the following apps if they have not yet been enabled:

  • TeachMe

  • Workstation

  • DTI

These apps are not be expandable until enabled. Meaning, that if the user has not yet enabled TeachMe, they will not see the dropdown arrow nor be able to see the associated apps (including ComCenter).


Please note the following based on your screen resolution:

  • Resolution above 1600 have the option to lock the expanded Navigation Bar.
  • Resolution below 1599 cannot lock the expanded Navigation Bar.

If you have any questions, we are here for you: Contact Support.

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