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Last Updated May 21, 2023

Brief Overview

A big UI change to the Editor main screen is coming! As the first part of it, new icons for all the WalkMe items are being released. The objectives behind this change are:

  • Alignment between apps:
    • E.g.: In the Menu Organizer, the icons are separate from the status (indicated by a color). Icons are different from those in the Editor
  • Improving accessibility:
    • Separating the icon from the indication, changing the color palette to meet accessibility standards, adding tooltips to the icons and the new publish status indication icon
  • Better look:
    • Icons replacement is a first release out from a bigger initiative


Main Screen



Item Row States


  1. Item icon combined with the color indicating the state of it (published / not published)
  2. Segment icon on the left


  1. Item icon and the status indicator are separated. Status icon color changed to a color from the accessible palette
  2. Segment icon moved to the right

Status Indication


  1. Published – item icon colored green
  2. Published and modified – item icon colored green with an asterisk 
  3. Draft – item icon colored orange
  4. Archived – item icon colored grey


Item Icons (Old vs. New)


Smart Walk-Thru – Walk-Thru (old) –

SmartTip –

ShoutOut –

Resources –

Resources (Article) –

Resources (Video) –

Onboarding Task –

Shuttle –

Survey –

Shield –

Engaged Element – 

Notification –

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