Introduction to the Editor

Last Updated July 7, 2023

Brief Overview

The WalkMe Editor is used for building, managing, and publishing Smart Walk-Thrus and the other WalkMe Apps. Once the Editor is installed on your computer, simply download the Extension to your selected Browser to start building.

For more detailed guidance on how to install WalkMe Editor, please follow the instructions in our Support article.

Learn about the Editor Experience 

Watch Editor 101 Webinar

Editor Menu

  • You can access the Editor menu by clicking on the menu icon in the upper left corner
  • In the menu you can access your connected WalkMe Apps, Settings, Admin Center etc.

Connection Icon

  • The round icon on the left indicates if the Editor is connected to the browser or not
  • If it is connected, the icon is green with a checkmark
  • If it isn’t connected, the icon is red with an X
  • Editor has to be connected to the browser when you’re building

Build/Play Mode Selector

  • Mode Selector allows users to toggle between Build mode and Play mode – enabling them to view and test their published content without the need to switch between different browser profiles

How to Use Build and Play Mode Selector

System Selection

  • Before you begin building, it is important to make sure that you are working on the correct system associated with your account
  • You can see the name of the system in the top left of the Editor
  • In case the system name is too long, hover over the Systems button to see the full name

Help Menu (PIE)

  • PIE menu has links to useful resources and articles explaining the Editor and its features
  • In the Tasks tab you can find tutorials and walk-thrus

Environment Selection

  • The Editor’s content list view shows all the content that was created in the Editor
  • However, content items may have different states across different environments. I.e. a content item may be published in Test environment (e.g. for QA tests) while still be in draft mode in the Production environment
  • State of each item can be viewed in each of the environments
  • To do so, click on the dropdown in the upper right corner of the Editor and select the environment


  • The Editor holds many important settings for the functionality across all WalkMe apps, such as Unique User Settings, Attributes, Flor Tracker settings etc.
  • You can access the Editor settings by clicking on the Settings icon at the top right corner of the Editor

Items Dropdown

  • In the items dropdown you can select the type of items you’d like to display in your Editor list
  • The default is All Items

Grid View

  • Switch from List to Grid view by clicking on the Grid View icon in the upper right corner
  • Grid View offers a detailed UI layout for builder and content moderators with search and filter capabilities and a unified navigation experience

Editor Grid View

  • Look for your items via the search
  • Use Advanced search to to quickly locate, update, and maintain Element Selections within a WalkMe implementation by Id, class, text, URL, and more

WalkMe Advanced Search

Segments and Filters

  • Create segments and filters for better organization and to manage the building experience

Editor Segments & Filters

Create New Item

  • Click on the blue plus icon to select an item you want to create

Create New Folder

  • Click on the + folder icon to create a new folder
  • Type in a name for it and click Create Folder

Editor Folders & Recent Items

Show Recent Items

  • Click on the clock icon to see the items you’ve recently worked on

Editor Folders & Recent Items


  • Click on the arrows icon to sort your items by name or by creation date
  • Custom order is the order in which user had their items organized


  • Preview the selected items to see how they’re working
  • There’re three option you can choose from when click on the arrow icon:
    • Quick Preview (View all items in default language)
    • Multi-Language Preview (View all items in all languages)
    • Published Content Only (View content that was published to Test)

Previewing WalkMe Content



  • Change the look of your items (icons, colors, fonts, contrast, etc.)

Customize WalkMe Menu

Smart Walk-Thru: Customize Balloon


  • Choose from fully designed and customizable solutions

About WalkMe Solutions Gallery

  • Add and organize your Menu items in our Console app

WalkMe Menu Organizer

WalkMe Menu: Getting Started Guide

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