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Brief Overview

Segments and Filters can be created in the Editor to better organization and to manage the building experience.

In the image of the Editor below the Segments icon can be seen on the left, and the Filters icon on the right.

Segments Management

How to Access Segments Management

  • Click on the Segment icon to access Segments Management
  • Here you will be able to add a new segment and view, edit, and delete existing segments
  • After clicking the Plus icon you can create rules to define new segments

To learn more about creating rules, view this article on the Rule Engine.

Filters Management

How to Access Editor Filters

  • Click on the Filter icon to access Filters Management
  • Here you will be able to add filter by segment and status type
  • By clicking on “All Segments” you will be able to search for a specific segment
  • Status types are: Draft, Published, Published & Modified, and Archived

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