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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Install the WalkMe Editor

Last Updated July 21, 2024

Brief Overview

WalkMe Editor is a desktop Electron-based application that is used for building, managing, and publishing all of the content that your users will view. This includes Smart Walk-Thrus, ShoutOuts, and other WalkMe items. Using the editor, you can build WalkMe content on the most popular browsers, including Chrome and Chromium Edge.

This guide explains how to install WalkMe Editor within your organization. The guide aims at non-tech-savvy employees. However, you may need administrator privileges on your computer to complete the guide successfully.

As an Electron application, the editor leverages a powerful and flexible framework. This includes a built-in mechanism for auto-updating applications. This feature enables Electron applications to check for, download, and install updates automatically.

Getting Started with WalkMe Editor

As of April 2024, editor supports Windows and macOS operating systems with built-in auto update functionality.

1. Download WalkMe Editor

Download the editor installer from this WalkMe downloads page, following the table below:

Operation System

Package Name



Installation Path


User (.exe)

Plug & Play version.

Auto-starts editor after installation.

Note: Different installation files don't override each other (for example, MSI vs EXE).

You should uninstall previous editor versions.



System (.msi)

Enterprise installer. Designed for mass deployment

Will not auto-start editor after installation, but will auto-launch it after system restart.



Machine (.msi)

Centralized installer. Designed for Citrix, Windows Servers, and other VDIs

This MSI should be installed on Server-side only.

Auto-update is disabled by default with this version.

Will not auto-start editor after installation, but will auto-launch it after system restart.

<system drive>\Program Files\


Intel (.pkg)



M series (.pkg)


Files don't override each other

Installing a different installation file doesn't override an existing file. You must completely remove any trace of the previous file before installing another one.

2. Deploy the WalkMe Editor

Once you have the installer available, you can move on to the deployment process.

Install the Editor

Installation differs from organization to organization, mainly depending on the IT methodologies and MDM software.

The .msi and .dmg installers are straightforward. However, Windows "Machine" MSI has auto-update disabled by default.

If enabling auto-update is necessary for the "Machine" installer, use the following msiexec command to enable it:

msiexec /i <msiPath> INSTALLLEVEL=3

Changing the path

Organization IT can change the installation path by using the msiexec command: msiexec /i APPLICATIONROOTDIRECTORY="PATH_TO_INSTALL"

Install for Testing Purposes

Any user with administrator privileges can double-click on the installer and follow the installation wizard. Once done, the editor will be installed on the computer.

Install over MDM

MDM (“Mobile device management”) is used to distribute desktop and mobile applications across the organization's devices.

MDM installation is only possible by the organization's IT department. Once the installation has been done, the editor will be available for designated builders on their desktop.

Almost finished!

Once the editor is installed on your computer, you must then download the editor extension to your browser. This will allow you to be able to select elements on your site and start building.

2. Install the WalkMe Editor Extension

The WalkMe Editor Extension connects your selected browser with the WalkMe Editor desktop application. This allows you to select elements on your site when building Smart Walk-Thrus, SmartTips, and other WalkMe items.

When logging into the Editor for the first time, a pop-up will help you install the Extension.
  1. Double-click the WalkMe Editor application to open it
  2. Log in to the WalkMe Editor - A pop-up will appear
  3. Select your preferred browser type on the pop-up
  4. Click the Add Extension button - You will be redirected to the Extension download page
  5. From your browser, click Add Extension
  6. If a pop-up appears, click Add Extension to confirm
  7. Done! You can now use the Editor with the browser 😃
If the pop-up does not appear, access the Extension from the Settings Menu
  1. Click on the Settings icon and select System settings
  2. In the User Preferences tab, select your desired browser and click the Add Extension button
  3. The Extension download page will open in your selected browser
  4. From your browser, click Add Extension
  5. If a pop-up appears, click Add Extension to confirm
  6. Done! You can now use the Editor with the browser 😃


In order to enable the WalkMe Extension and see published WalkMe content on the host website, you must toggle to Play mode in the WalkMe Editor. Please refer to the How to Use Build and Play Mode Selector article for more information.

Uninstall WalkMe Editor

Windows - using Control Panel:

  1. Open the Control Panel (you can search for it in the Start menu)

  2. Select Programs > Programs and Features

  3. Find the program “WalkMe X.X.X” in the list

  4. Right-click on the program and select Uninstall

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstallation

macOS - using Finder:

  1. Open Finder

  2. Go to the Applications folder

  3. Find the WalkMe app

  4. Drag the program to the Trash

  5. Empty the Trash to complete the uninstallation

Editor Versions

To view your current editor version, click on the profile icon in the top left of the editor. The version is shown at the bottom of the menu.

To see the latest version available and find a quick link to download it, hover over Software updates and click Update.


You can find more information relating to Editor and extension version releases on the Release Notes page.

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