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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

WalkMe Apps Overview

Last Updated March 28, 2024

Brief Overview

WalkMe is comprised of several Apps to help you accomplish your business objectives. We will go over each of them below.

Smart Walk-Thrus

Guide users through a process

Smart Walk-Thrus simplify the user experience by providing on-screen guidance at the moment of need so that your customers can complete any task successfully. With simple step-by-step instructions provided in real-time, you can guide users through all kinds of online processes, such as teaching new employees how to add a lead or account to your CRM. Smart Walk-Thrus use a new visual approach that clearly maps out the steps a user takes, similar to a flow chart. Smart Walk-Thru flows are easier to create and manage than classic Walk-Thrus while providing the same enterprise leading experience.

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Add contextual guidance to your site

Launchers are quick start buttons placed on a website. Launchers can perform actions when clicked, such as play a Smart Walk-Thru, Resource, Shuttle, or a Set of Validation SmartTips. Launchers are highly effective at increasing user engagement with your site and solving common interface problems. For users who may not be aware of the existence of support resources in the Player Menu, you can anticipate their challenge and put a Launcher directly where additional guidance may be needed.

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Add calls to action to your site

ShoutOuts are attention-grabbing messages that promote announcements and encourage interaction. ShoutOuts can be built with an action button that will launch another WalkMe item; with just one click the user can start a Smart Walk-Thru, play a video or article Resource, activate a Shuttle to another page, or open the Player Menu. ShoutOuts can be promotional, in order to show off a new product, feature, or a prize! In a CRM setting ShoutOuts can be used to inform users your site will be going down for maintenance or remind your employees to log activity.

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Place guidance and support on forms

SmartTips help address certain process or form on your site that users often make mistakes on due to lack of sufficient instruction on the page. SmartTips are ideal for addressing problematic forms, as well as providing a way to validate the information entered. SmartTips are used for both guidance and validation: they provide additional information to what's on the page or an input field and real-time feedback on input before form submission.

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Incorporate existing articles and videos

Resources are shortcuts to articles or videos you have already created. These can be incorporated into the player Menu in the short term until a Smart Walk-Thru is ready, or permanently to add additional depth or address issues that cannot be easily explained in a Smart Walk-Thru. With Resources, you can explain new policies or show or demo a new feature.

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Train new users with ease

Onboarding is a to-do list for your users. Onboarding Tasks enables users to see their progress as they move through the tasks, gamifying the experience and pushing them to complete more Tasks and engage with WalkMe. Onboarding can be used to train new hires on a series of tasks, or help inform users of widespread changes in your platform. When activated for new users to your site Onboarding can help you showcase your site's best features, and get users converted!

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Add Bookmarks to frequently used pages

Shuttles are efficient shortcuts to other pages, much like a bookmark. These can be incorporated as links into the Player Menu to provide quick and easy access to these locations. Once a user clicks a Shuttle they will be redirected to the URL provided. The new page can load in the same window or a new tab. Shuttles enable you to provide access to frequently used reports that your users need, share templates or resources not hosted on your website, or even take users directly to a sign-up page.

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Ask your users anything

WalkMe Surveys are used to collect feedback from users and that data can be tracked in WalkMe Analytics. Surveys can be implemented at any stage of your WalkMe build: as an initial questionnaire for users to pinpoint problems, or as a part of Smart Walk-Thrus and Launchers to collect ongoing data and assess knowledge. Surveys can be customized with different question types, set to play with a certain frequency, and configured to play automatically.

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Simplify and automate your users' journeys

WalkMe ActionBot understands what users want to do and automates tasks for them. The ActionBot is API-free and uses a natural language chat interface making digital adoption as simple as holding a conversation. The ActionBot enhances the customer and employee experience by eliminating confusion, errors, and frustration while helping users complete tasks.

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Integrate your current Knowledge Base

Search Provider Integration allows you to supplement your WalkMe items with your existing knowledge base or support center resources. Once enabled, a search performed within the widget will yield results from the domains specified, so your existing content appears beside your WalkMe content in the editor.

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Help Desk

Help Desk Integration provides a direct link to your support site from inside the WalkMe Player Menu. By including a support site in the Player Menu, if end-users look for support in the Player Menu and do not find the information they are looking for, they navigate to it with just one click.

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Live Chat

Integrate with your current chat provider

Live Chat Integration allows you to integrate your current Live Chat provider with WalkMe, providing users with a one-stop shop for help. If a user cannot find the information they require, they may click the Live Chat link embedded within the Player for more information.

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TeachMe (Courses)

Create interactive learning for users

TeachMe (Courses) is an App that lets you package your WalkMe experiences into learning modules and complete courses. Unlike other learning platforms, TeachMe allows users to learn your site system as they use it, without having to go back and forth between systems and screens. Learning is available to them in your application when it's most relevant to them.

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