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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

What Is the WalkMe ActionBot?

Last Updated June 27, 2024

Brief Overview

WalkMe ActionBot understands what users want to do and automates tasks for them. The ActionBot is API-free chat interface making digital adoption as simple as holding a conversation. The ActionBot enhances the customer and employee experience by eliminating confusion, errors, and frustration while helping users complete tasks.

By using ActionBot's intuitive chat-interface, users will be able to complete tasks without any training, even as they move across different software tools. With the ActionBot, employees no longer need to navigate sophisticated enterprise management systems, fill in complex forms, or struggle through difficult processes.

Use Cases

WalkMe ActionBot use cases include the following:

  • Reduce Support Tickets by answering FAQs, automating common requests, and offering self-serve resources
  • Streamline HR processes like requesting time off, reporting missing days, answering common tax and payroll questions, performing exit interviews, and accessing, adjusting, or presenting benefit details
  • Increase efficiency and reduce errors in your CRM when creating and editing leads, opportunities or creating project tasks

Main Components

  1. Bot: A bot is a “container” for conversations, designed to be deployed anywhere. Its primary function is to comprehend the user's intent by analyzing the conversations it has stored
  2. Conversation: The conversation is a set of messages, questions, conditions, and actions. Once the bot has understood the user's intent, it will converse with the user up until reaching the end step or a specific action the bot should perform. An action allows the bot to user user answers to collect information that can later be used to automate processes
  3. Launcher:A launcher is a button placed on a website that, when clicked, will trigger the ActionBot, opening the chat interface
  4. Actions: Actions in are automated tasks that the bot can perform on behalf of the user during a conversation. These actions can range from triggering WalkMe items like to opening integrated Live Chat windows, and even calling external APIs

The Four Elements of ActionBot

How To Build an ActionBot

The ActionBot is built using the WalkMe Console and can be placed on any web application where users engage in day-to-day activities. Because the ActionBot completes tasks using the UI of your software, there are no APIs required for successful implementation. Any process a user can complete may be automated by the ActionBot.


We offer API usage based on customer request and preference. Please contact your CSM to request.

Bot Building in ActionBot Console

Build ActionBot Conversations in Console

Technical Notes

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers


  • ​It is not recommended to create conversations with more than 80 steps

  • It is not recommended to use loop flow in conversations. Loop flow refers to when users link steps in a way that creates a loop


  • Multi-language is supported
    • This means that ActionBot can be translated into different languages. When the bot is used, it detects the user's language and if a translation was created by the builder, the conversation will be in that language


  • Each user answer is limited to 7000 characters

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