ActionBot (4)

  • Last Update May 11, 2022

    ActionBot Privacy Mode

    Brief Overview The ActionBot Privacy Mode blocks conversation parameters entered by end-users (answers and inputs) from being sent and stored on or within WalkMe servers or databases. ActionBot conversation flow will be calculated on...

  • Last Update March 30, 2022

    ActionBot Action Types

    Brief Overview ActionBot Actions enable you to trigger WalkMe deployables, call connections, start new Conversations, Store Conversation data, and create Web Integrations during assigned Conversations. Here, you’ll learn about each Action Type and their...

  • Last Update January 27, 2022

    ActionBot: Action Type – Web Integration

    Brief Overview Enable an ActionBot conversation’s ending-action to connect to a separate Editor System. This allows you to collect conversation parameters and then run automated Smart Walk-Thrus on a Web application. How It Works...

  • Last Update April 21, 2022

    What Is the WalkMe ActionBot?

    WalkMe ActionBot understands what users want to do and automates tasks for them.

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