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ActionBot Automation (13)

  • Last Update January 14, 2021

    About ActionBot Web Integration

    Brief Overview This article explains how to build a Web Integration with WalkMe ActionBot. With ActionBot, you can enable an ActionBot conversation’s ending-action to connect to a separate Editor System to collect conversation parameters...
  • Last Update July 21, 2019

    What Is the WalkMe ActionBot?

    Brief Overview WalkMe ActionBot understands what users want to do and automates tasks for them. The ActionBot is API-free and uses a natural language chat interface making digital adoption as simple as holding a...
  • Last Update July 24, 2019

    The Four Elements of ActionBot

    WalkMe’s ActionBot allows end-users to perform tasks on different platforms, while naturally conversing with the Bot, for example, requesting time-off via the ActionBot instead of logging in to the HR system. 1.The ActionBot Launcher...
  • Last Update November 8, 2020

    How To Build an ActionBot

    Brief Overview This article explains how to build a WalkMe ActionBot. A WalkMe ActionBot is a chat interface that end-users interact with to complete tasks and answer questions. You can place the ActionBot on...
  • Last Update November 2, 2020

    How To Create an ActionBot Conversation

    Brief Overview This article explains how to build a Conversation which can be assigned to one or more ActionBots. Conversations are built without any coding and allow you to answer the end-user’s question and/or...
  • Last Update December 27, 2020

    How To Connect To a Conversation From a Smart Walk-Thru

    Brief Overview Smart Walk-Thrus are your key to WalkMe automation! Creating automation is even easier with the new Smart Walk-Thru Initiator: Conversations. Using this Initiator, it’s easy to provide a Smart Walk-Thru with input...
  • Last Update May 15, 2019

    ActionBot Connections — Choice – Salesforce Type Question

    Brief Overview The ActionBot’s Choice – Salesforce type question pulls information from a destination system using an API. This enables the WalkMe ActionBot to automate Salesforce processes, such as updating existing Leads or Opportunities....
  • Last Update May 15, 2019

    ActionBot Question Type Overview

    Brief Overview A WalkMe ActionBot Conversation can be made up of messages, questions, conditions, and actions. When you use a question in a Conversation, your Bot will wait to receive an answer from the end-user...
  • Last Update April 16, 2019

    How To Connect ActionBot to a Live Chat Integration

    Brief Overview Connecting your ActionBot to Live Chat enables you to combine the best of automation and live human assistance in one. If the user is seeking content that has not yet been added...
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