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Brief Overview

Enable an ActionBot conversation’s ending-action to connect to a separate Editor System. This allows you to collect conversation parameters and then run automated Smart Walk-Thrus on a Web application.

How It Works

  • First, create an Automated Smart Walk-Thru
  • Automated Steps set to “Fill” require a dynamic conversation parameter in this format:
    • $(parameter_name)
    • Example: $(amount)
  • Copy and document each Automated Fill Step’s dynamic conversation parameters, you’ll need it later
  • Once the ASWT is complete, copy and document its permalink, you’ll need it later
  • Next, change the Storage Manager settings to:
    • Cross Domain – Proxy > Standard

  • Publish your Automated Smart Walk-Thru to the same environment as the Workstation

ActionBot Configuration:

  • Switch the account from the Web Editor to the Editor System with the ActionBot via the System Switcher
  • Within the Editor, change the Item’s dropdown to ActionBot
  • Within the ActionBots App, add a new Bot
    • Note: Workstation may ONLY contain one ActionBot with multiple Conversations
  • Next, Create a Conversation
  • Add Conversation Questions as needed
  • End the Conversation with an Added Action

  • Name the Action
  • Next, set the Added Action Type to “Web Integration”

  • Next, from the Web System dropdown, select the Editor Web System from the desired Account to Integrate with

  • Now, input the Destination URL for the Action’s redirect (For dynamic URL BB code supported)
  • Then, input the Smart Walk Thru’s Permalink from the selected Editor Web System

  • Under the “Data the Web Integration Requires” section:
    1. From the dropdown, reference the Conversation Question
    2. Within the input labeled “Name as,” add the matching dynamic conversation parameters applied to the corresponding Automated Fill Step
    3. Now, click Save Action to Conversation
    4. Publish the Bot and Conversation to the same environment as the Web SWT
    5. Configuration complete

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