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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

How To Connect To a Conversation From a Smart Walk-Thru

Last Updated June 29, 2022

Brief Overview

Smart Walk-Thrus are your key to WalkMe automation! Creating automation is even easier with the new Smart Walk-Thru Initiator: Conversations. Using this Initiator, it's easy to provide a Smart Walk-Thru with input from your users before it is launched. After a user provides all relevant data for the Smart Walk-Thru, it will begin and do everything for him/her.

With the ActionBot Conversation Initiator, it's easy to turn any Smart Walk-Thru into a full ActionBot, improving your customers' user experience and letting them use a unified conversational Bot UI that performs automated tasks for them.

Steps for Connecting a Smart Walk-Thru to a Conversation

Step 1: Sign into your WalkMe Editor account

Step 2: Click the WalkMe apps dropdown triangle and select the Smart Walk-Thrus app:

Step 3: Click the + icon in the right-hand corner to create a new Smart Walk-Thru

Step 4: Give your Smart Walk-Thru a name and click Continue

  • The name you provide will be used as the name of a process in the ActionBot chat dialogue box, so please use the process you will be performing as the name of the Smart Walk-Thru; you can will also have the opportunity to change the name in Step 8 below;
  • Additionally, the Smart Walk-Thru name will be parsed into Keywords. If an end-user types any of the Keywords into the ActionBot chat dialogue, this Smart Walk-Thru will be given as a suggestion.

Step 5: Create all of the Steps required for the use case

  • If you do not use any Auto-Steps, the ActionBot will essentially act like a glorified Launcher;
  • If you include Auto-Steps (strongly recommended) the ActionBot will launch the Smart Walk-Thru, which will then automate a process for your end-users;
    • The ActionBot will create a question for each Fill Text and Select List Value Auto-Step you include.
    • If you use the Fill Text or Select List Value Auto-Steps, write any value you want for each Step.
      • The ActionBot will later replace these values with unique variables, which you can review in the Advanced Settings section.

Step 6: Click INITIATORS at the top of your Smart Walk-Thru flow

Step 7: Click + Add conversation

  • If you have not saved your Smart Walk-Thru yet, you will need to click Save & Continue;
  • At this point WalkMe will pre-populate a popup with the name of the Conversation (the same as the name of Smart Walk-Thru), and each noun and verb of the title as Keywords;
  • You can now change the name and/or Keywords if you wish.

Step 8: Click the Bot to Add This Conversation To dropdown menu and either choose an existing Bot or create a new Bot

  • If you do not have a pre-existing Bot, you will not see this menu and a new Bot will be created for you automatically;
  • If you select + Add New Bot, you will need to give you new Bot a name.

Step 9: Click CONTINUE TO STEP 2

  • If you included Fill Text or Select List Value Auto-Steps in your Smart Walk-Thru, proceed to Step 10;
  • If you did not include those types of Auto-Steps in your Smart Walk-Thru, skip Step 12 and move directly to Step 12.

Step 10: Re-write the question text that will appear to your end-users

  • You should write one question for each Auto-Step.


Step 12: Click PLAY THE BOT to preview the Bot from within the application

Step 13: Answer the Bot's question(s) as though you were the end-user

  • The Bot will now show you the value(s) it extracted from your answer, which, were you an end-user, would be sent to the Smart Walk-Thru to automate a process:

Step 14: Go through each Conversation step and alter the text to your liking

Step 15: Test your Smart Walk-Thru-to-Conversation flow


  • Click the back arrow on the Editor: 
  • And click Preview in the blue Admin Bar at the bottom of the Editor: 

That's it! You're now a BOT master!

Tip Tuesday Videos

You can also view a video created by a member of WalkMe's Solution Engineering team showing you how to easily create ActionBot Conversations from an automated Smart Walk-Thru below:

To see more Tip Tuesday videos on WalkMe World click here.

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