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Last Updated January 10, 2023


I am trying to launch the WalkMe Editor but I am experiencing some problems. What are some things I can check on my end before contacting WalkMe Support? 


First, identify a symptom below, and follow the steps for possible solutions accordingly.

Symptom 1: Editor is blank when launching 

Possible solutions:

  1. Check with your IT team and verify that all the WalkMe domains listed here (under “Required Domains for the WalkMe Editor and Insights”) have been allowlisted at the network and proxy levels (applicable only if your company uses a proxy to authenticate network requests – check with your IT team if you’re unsure)
  2. If your IT team validates the WalkMe domains have been allowlisted – try uninstalling the Editor and reinstalling it using this link
  3. If uninstalling and reinstalling does not resolve – restart your machine and try to launch the Editor again
  4. If the issue continues to persist – contact Support.

Symptom 2:  The Editor interface loads but when I try to log in, the issue occurs within the browser that the login page opens on

Possible solutions:

  1. Your computer’s default browser needs to be the same as the browser selected in your User Preferences in the Editor (so either Chrome or IE 10/11)
  2. If you need assistance resetting your computer’s default browser – reach out to your IT Help Desk

Symptom 3: After clicking Log In, a white screen appears and the page undergoes continue loading and/or looping

Possible solutions:

  1. Make sure your computer clock time is accurate according to your current timezone (it needs to be accurate to the minute)

Symptom 4: I am able to sign in to the interface but it just goes to a blank white page and does not launch the Editor

Possible solutions: 

  1. Try refreshing the page or grabbing the URL that is present and entering it in a new browser/tab/incognito

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