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Set Up WalkMe

Set Up WalkMe

  • Self-Hosting

    Last Update July 26, 2018
    Self-hosting is a deployment option WalkMe offers in order to enhance the security of WalkMe on your site. Self-hosting allows...
  • Snippet and Deployment

    Last Update July 26, 2018
    What is the Snippet? The snippet is a piece of JavaScript code that allows WalkMe to appear on your site....
  • What Data Does WalkMe Collect?

    Last Update July 1, 2018
    WalkMe allows you to gain insights about user behavior with WalkMe and on your site. To gain this insight, WalkMe...
  • Unique User Settings

    Last Update April 17, 2018
    The Short Version When building your WalkMe solutions, consider how you would like to track your end users. For example,...