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Deployment Methods (7)

  • Last Update September 21, 2020

    Master Extension FAQ

    Brief Overview Below are some common questions about the WalkMe Master Extension and the browser configuration needed to support the extension.  If you have any additional technical questions, feel free to reach out to...
  • Last Update July 15, 2020

    Accessing the EU

    Switching Editor Platform To switch between EU and US Editor versions, if you are already logged in, log out of your Account in the Editor. Click the following button: Sign in again.
  • Last Update January 2, 2019

    Using Google Tag Manager to Add the WalkMe Snippet

    Brief Overview If you have the Google Tag Manager in place, embedding the WalkMe snippet into your website’s HTML is a breeze. You will no longer need to embed the snippet in each page....
  • Last Update February 19, 2019

    Deployment Method # 2 — Deploy Using Player Extension

    Brief Overview If you cannot access your website/application’s HTML, or prefer not to manually alter it for any reason, you can instead deploy the WalkMe Player browser extension on your end-users’ browsers, which will...