Deployment Methods (7)

  • Last Update September 11, 2023

    Deploy WalkMe Using a JavaScript Snippet

    Learn about the WalkMe Snippet Deployment Method.

  • Last Update July 5, 2023

    Deploy WalkMe Using an Extension

    Learn how to deploy WalkMe using the Player Extension.

  • Last Update August 2, 2023

    All In One Installer (AIO)

    Learn how to Mass Deploy WalkMe with ease using the All-In-One Installer.

  • Last Update September 12, 2023

    User Extension FAQ

    This article covers some common questions about the WalkMe Master Extension and the browser configuration needed to support the extension. 

  • Last Update March 28, 2022

    IE Mode on Edge Support

    Use IE mode in Edge to access legacy applications that work best in IE. The WalkMe IE extension includes support for IE mode in Edge.

  • Last Update June 21, 2023

    WalkMe Deployment Overview

    Learn the methods to deploy WalkMe, either by placing the Player Snippet directly into the code of your website or by using the WalkMe Extension.

  • Last Update February 9, 2022

    Using Google Tag Manager to Add the WalkMe Snippet

    Follow these steps to use Google Tag Manager to add the WalkMe Snippet.

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