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Brief Overview

WalkMe’s All-in-One Installer makes it easy for IT teams to widely deploy the WalkMe Master Extension across all browser types with a single installer file. The All-In-One Installer helps new users complete the Mass Deployment process with ease, embracing the DAP revolution, it aims to offer a simple installation through a single MSI, allowing cross-browser use and minimizing deployment errors or malfunctions.

How It Works

The All-In-One Installer involves a single file based on your customers Master Extension. It simply needs to run by you or your IT representative and it will install on the relevant computer.


  • In order to properly implement WalkMe using the All-In-One (AIO) installer, the following conditions should be met:
    • Master Extension must not be previously installed for any of the browsers, whether it was installed manually or through Mass Deploy (Must for Internet Explorer).
  • If a Master extension is installed on any of the browsers, please make sure to have it removed prior to installing WalkMe using AIO.
    Internet Explorer and FireFox should be closed while installing or uninstalling AIO.

    • If not, the end user will be required to take action by the installer, which can cause confusion and possibly canceled by the end user.
  • It is recommended that the installation will be done while the computer is starting.


When first downloading the MSI file it may take up to a minute, though after this first time each download request should take only a few seconds.

WalkMe Professional service provides the unique download link according to your unique selected settings, to your IT representative. The download page looks like:

Installation Process for Batch

Steps to install:

  1. Once on the AIO page, scroll all the way down.
    There you should find a link, which will lead you to the batch download page:
  2. Follow the steps in the Batch Guide, please note you will need to download 4 files for this process.
  3. After everything was modified as expected, you can go ahead and deploy!

For best quality, watch this video in full screen.

Best Practices

  • Some recommended practices to follow when using the All-In-One are:
    Internet Explorer and Firefox must be closed in order to successfully complete All-In-One installment or removal. If either is open, the following pop-up will show up on your computer asking to close IE/FF.

    • If both are open, the end user will get this pop up twice (one for IE and one for FF).

Ignore Button – Will force close IE or FF and continue with the installation process.

Cancel Button– Will cancel the installation or removal process without any effect on your machine.

Retry Button – Will try to run the process again, without any forced action on IE or FF. You will have to manually close both of the browsers for the process to continue.


For Firefox, make sure you install the correct bit version to allow the profile to load correctly, and not have it appear as a blank extension. For example, if a 32x bit version was installed on a 64x bit Firefox.

Mass Deploying with GPO

When mass deploying All-In-One with GPO, the following two conditions will be needed in order for the policy to be in effect:

  • Computer→Configuration→Administrative Templates→System→Logon→ Always wait for the network at computer startup and logo.
  • Computer→Configuration→Administrative Templates→System→Group Policy→ Specify startup policy processing wait time: Set to 120

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