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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

All In One Installer (AIO)

Last Updated March 28, 2024

Brief Overview

WalkMe's All-in-One Installer (AIO) makes it easy for IT teams to widely deploy the WalkMe user extension across all browser types with a single installer file. The file offers a simple installation, allowing cross-browser use and minimizing deployment errors or malfunctions. 

The All-In-One Installer is a single file, run by your IT admin, that will automatically install the browser extension on the relevant computers.

Please note: You will not be able to download the All-in-One Installer (AIO) on this page. The WalkMe team will provide you with a unique link to download according to your selected settings. Please contact the WalkMe Admin at your company or your WalkMe Customer Success Manager if you need assistance.

Supported Browsers

Internet Explorer Edge  Chromium Safari
(12v and up)
Firefox Google Chrome

Note: macOS Big Sur no longer supports AIO Installation on Chrome.


In order to properly implement WalkMe using the AIO Installer, the following conditions should be met:

  • The WalkMe user extension must not already be installed for any browsers, whether it was installed manually or through mass deployment (must for Internet Explorer) 
  • If a WalkMe user extension is installed on any of the browsers, please make sure to have it removed prior to installing WalkMe using AIO

Getting Started

When first downloading the relevant installer file it may take up to a minute. After this first time, each download request should take only a few seconds. 

After authenticating, the download page looks like this:

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Installation / Deployment Methods

The best practice for installing AIO is by mass deploying it to run when the computer is just starting.

Since you might have users with different hardware (32-bit/64-bit Windows or a Mac), we recommend splitting the deployment for each of the different setups. This will ensure that each hardware will have its matching WalkMe extension installed.

Supported Mass Deployment Methods (MDM)

For Mac, the following MDMs are supported:

  • Jamf
  • AirWatch
  • Mobile Iron
  • Cicso Meraki
  • Big Fix
  • Intune
  • Trend Micro

For Windows, the following MDMs are supported:

  • GPO
  • SCCM

Mass Deploying with GPO

When mass deploying All-In-One with GPO, the following two policies are needed for the AIO deployment:

  • Computer→Configuration→Administrative Templates→System→Logon→ Always wait for the network at computer startup and logo.
  • Computer→Configuration→Administrative Templates→System→Group Policy→ Specify startup policy processing wait time: Set to 120

To avoid having a notification message on IE for “Speed up Browsing by Disabling Add-ons” the following additional policy is needed:

Computer Configuration→Administrative Templates→Windows Components→Internet Explorer→Security Features→Add-on Management → Edit the “Add-on List”. Have it Enabled and in Options click the “Show…” button. Create a new row with the following values:

Name: {42ED1D51-363B-4BF1-BF36-A2E3B56EDD44}

Data: 1

Installing WalkMe AIO Manually

Should you decide to manually install the AIO locally, please be sure to do the following:

  • Internet Explorer and Firefox must be closed in order to successfully complete the installment or removal. If either is open, the following pop-up will show up on your computer asking to close IE/Firefox.
    • Note: If both are open, the end-user will get this pop-up twice (one for IE and one for Firefox).

Ignore Button – Will force close IE or Firefox and continue with the installation process.

Installation Process for Batch

Steps to install:

  1. Once on the AIO page, scroll all the way down. There you should find a link, which will lead you to the batch download page.
  2. Follow the steps in the Batch Guide, please note you will need to download 4 files for this process.
  3. After everything was modified as expected, you can go ahead and deploy!



Once the AIO is successfully downloaded, you will have one added application in Programs and Apps.

  • WalkMe All-in-One Installer

Removing the WalkMe All-in-One Installer will remove the extensions installed on the following browsers in one click: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Edge.


For Mac, it is only possible to manually remove the extensions installed for each browser, one at a time.

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