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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Extension Settings in Admin Center

Last Updated March 5, 2024

Brief Overview

WalkMe's new system management in the Admin Center lets you manage all your WalkMe systems from one accessible location. This article explains the Extension page in details.

Extension Structure

An extension is automatically created for each account, and any new system created is added to the extension but not activated by default.

Environment Configuration

Basic Settings

  1. To enable the system to load from extension, toggle the respective setting to on
  2. The URL configuration will appear
  3. Provide the URLs for the websites on which you want WalkMe to load

After you configure the system's URL conditions and publish the editor content to the relevant environment, WalkMe will load on the web application. We use URL match patterns as the default syntax to define which URLs the extension should load on.

Each environment should have a unique web address based on the application. Two or more environments should not match the same URL to avoid potential conflicts, as only one environment can be loaded at a time.


Extension settings may take some time to reflect changes after saving. Please pay attention to the popup message and the time mentioned in it after saving.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced tab contains a set of additional settings that apply to the selected environment and control the following:

  1. Load snippet first – prioritize the snippet (if already on page) and prevent extension from loading.
    • If snippet doesn't load, load the extension – allow the extension to load with a small delay if the snippet doesn't load
  2. Load WalkMe on cross domain iframes – allows extension to load inside cross domain iframes
  3. Specify TOP domain by using 'On specific domains' setting if extension should only load on certain TOP domains

Configuration Sets

Additional configuration sets may be added on top of environment settings in cases where the environment is set up to behave differently on different domains.


  • The production environment should load on and
  • already has a snippet implemented, so the extension should not load on top of it
  • does not have a snippet, so the extension should load as expected

This situation creates a conflict because WalkMe needs to be loaded differently on the same environment. To resolve the conflict, we enable the creation of several configuration sets for the same environment. Each set behaves independently and loads its own unique configuration.


Configuration sets cannot be added from Admin Center and require assistance from WalkMe. Please reach out to your WalkMe contact if you wish to add it to one of the environments.

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