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Snippet and Deployment

Updated on November 30, 2017
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What’s the Snippet?

The Snippet is a piece of JavaScript code that allows WalkMe to be visible on your site. Each WalkMe Editor account has a unique Snippet code. The WalkMe Snippet allows published WalkMe content to appear to your users.

Where’s the Snippet?

  1. Open the WalkMe Editor
  2. Log In
  3. Click Publish in the Admin Bar
  4. Open the Snippet tab
  5. Select the Environment. Each Environment has a slightly different snippet code. If you have a test/sandbox/staging site, copy the snippet for Test. If you would like the snippet for publishing to your end-users, copy the snippet for Production.
  6. Copy the snippet code 

How Do I Deploy the Snippet?

The Snippet can either be pasted directly into the code of your website or you can have your users download an extension. The Snippet can either be pasted into the HTML header of your website or injected by a browser extension.

Deployment Option 1: Paste the Snippet into your HTML

If you are able to modify the HTML of the site, you can paste the WalkMe Snippet into the <head> tags of the page. With the Snippet in place, WalkMe will be available to all users on every page load. This is the preferred option for external facing applications because users do not need need to download or install anything for WalkMe to appear.

To deploy the Snippet, simply copy the Snippet from your WalkMe Editor account and then paste this code between the tags in your site or application.

Deployment Option 2: The WalkMe Extension

If you are publishing WalkMe on a site for which you do not have the access to modify the code, your Customer Success Manager will help you deploy a WalkMe extension. Users will be able to access WalkMe if they have the extension enabled.

Deploying an extension is generally the preferred option for applications used by internal staff such as CRMs (such as Salesforce), HRMs (such as SuccessFactors or Workday), or Intranet systems.

The WalkMe extension can be enabled via Mass Installation (your site administrator deploys the snippet to all users across your network) or Manual Installation (ask users to download the extension themselves).

Mass Installation

We recommend deploying the extension via Mass Installation. Mass Installation is easily implemented and controlled by your IT Admins and requires no action from end-users. Contact your Customer Success Manager for simple, easy-to-follow directions. More information for your IT team about Mass Installation.

Manual Installation

When Mass Installation is not an option, users may manually install the extension. To manually install the extension, your Customer Success Manager will provide you with a unique URL to give to your users that will bring them to extension installation page. This link can be shared with users in an email or for some sites you may be able to be add a Download Now button in the app itself. 

How do I Test that the Snippet is Working?

Once the snippet is in place, you will be able to see your published content from the Editor. To test the snippet to make sure it’s set up correctly:

  1. Open your site
  2. Right click and select inspect the page
  3. Open the console
  4. Enter the following text query:  _walkMe.getEnvId()
  5. If it returns undefined, the Snippet is not properly set up.  If the query returns a value, then you’re all set!


If you have a Test site, you may choose to first publish your WalkMe items to this site before publishing to your end users on your Production site. The Snippet is slightly different for each environment. Since the Snippet is different for each environment, you will need to deploy it separately for each environment.

Deploy the Test Snippet for your Test (or Sandbox or Staging) site; then items published to Test will appear on your Test site. Similarly, deploy the Production Snippet for your site; then items published to Production will appear on your Production site.

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