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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.


Last Updated February 20, 2024

Brief Overview

Today WalkMe has accounts in three cloud vendors: AWS, Microsoft, and Google. Additionally, we offer a self-hosted option for those customers who have strict security requirements and prefer to manage their own cloud infrastructure.

To further expand our offerings, we've recently introduced a new cloud hosting solution that allows our users to store their files in a private bucket. 

This article further explains WalkMe's various hosting options.

Cloud Vendors

The most commonly used option is the SaaS model where WalkMe uses its own Amazon servers - AWS:

  • Full solution 
  • Shared buckets
  • Public buckets
  • Private bucket

Microsoft and Google options are also available but with some limitations: 

Microsoft (Azure)

  • Dynamic files only (data, settings, SRI, etc.)
  • Shared buckets
  • Public buckets

Google (GCP)

  • Shared buckets 
  • Public buckets
  • Has the same limitations as self-hosted


Some customers prefer to keep all the WalkMe content and logic information on their servers to decrease their dependency on outside servers. As a result, WalkMe offers its services in this alternative secure architecture.

Self-Hosting Model

Private Bucket

Add on feature

This is a paid feature. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or WalkMe contact to have it enabled or get more information.

The Private Bucket allows our enterprise clients to use WalkMe in the most secure way.

A client can decide to consume all WalkMe files from a dedicated S3 storage, with its own cdn.

Dedicated bucket allows our clients to better manage their security, limit who can access the static (code) and dynamic (content) files, and apply many other security measures which can't be provided while using our shared bucket.

The option is available for both new and existing customers (after a transition period). Reach out to us if you're interested in implementing it. 

Enablement process

  • Contact your CSM
  • One time account configuration
  • Client will need to publish settings
  • Client will need to replace the snippet file or, alternatively, update their extension to point to the new private bucket

  • TeachMe
  • Extension (Exposure)
  • Solution Gallery
  • Private bucket access management: Managed by WalkMe security team

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