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Work flows better with WalkMe
Work flows better with WalkMe.

Hosting Options (5)

  • Last Update February 20, 2024


    Learn about WalkMe's various hosting options.

  • Last Update July 12, 2023

    EU Data Center Supported Features

    Here you can find a chart with many of the most used WalkMe items and their EU Data Center support status

  • Last Update May 5, 2023

    SaaS Model

    The SaaS model is the default/recommended method of hosting WalkMe. Learn more about how it works.

  • Last Update June 13, 2024

    Self-Hosting Model

    Learn about the Self-hosting deployment option and how to download your WalkMe items once they are created.

  • Last Update April 4, 2024

    How to Set Up Servers for WalkMe Self-Hosted

    This article covers best practices for setting up your local server for WalkMe Self Hosted including server requirements, server configuration, and folder setup.