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Hosting Options (3)

  • Last Update February 4, 2019

    Self-Hosting Model

    Brief Overview Self-hosting is a deployment option WalkMe offers in order to enhance the security of WalkMe on your site. Self-hosting allows you to to keep all of your WalkMe content files on your...
  • Last Update December 16, 2018

    How to Set Up Servers for WalkMe Self-Hosted

    This article covers best practices for setting up your local server for WalkMe Self Hosted including server requirements, server configuration, and folder setup. Requirements Server Storage Files can be placed on any web server...
  • Last Update March 31, 2019

    SaaS Model

    Brief Overview The SaaS model is the default/recommended method of hosting WalkMe. In the WalkMe SaaS Model, WalkMe software is held on Amazon Web Services (AWS). WalkMe’s servers are located in Amazon Elastic Compute...