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Content Configuration (5)

  • Last Update April 3, 2019

    How To Retrieve Your Account’s GUID

    Brief Overview This guide shows you how to retrieve your account’s GUID from your WalkMe Editor. Steps To Retrieve Your Account’s GUID Open the WalkMe Editor; Log In; Click Publish in the Admin Bar: Open the Snippet tab:...
  • Last Update August 18, 2019

    How to Enable Auto-Toggle for Multi-Language

    Brief Overview The Auto-Toggle method is the recommended way to implement WalkMe Multi-Language on your website or platform. This method involves WalkMe detecting a language variable on your website to determine which language WalkMe text should...
  • Last Update May 19, 2020


    Brief overview The Multi-Language feature lets you translate a Walk-Thru you have created in different languages without having to rebuild it. This enables you to engage your users in their language. Multi-Language allows you...
  • Last Update August 13, 2020

    DAP Admin Center

    Brief Overview WalkMe’s new DAP Admin Center is your gateway to increased self-service and account transparency. A central dashboard for our WalkMe admins, you can now control your WalkMe set-up and configurations and perform...