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Content Configuration

  • Multi-Language

    Last Update December 23, 2018
    The Multi-Language feature lets you translate a Walk-Thru you have created in different languages without having to rebuild it. This...
  • Segmentation

    Last Update February 18, 2019
    Brief Overview Segments allow you to push items to specific users or to remove items from a user’s view. To...
  • WalkMe API

    Last Update December 11, 2018
    WalkMe APIs enable you to incorporate WalkMe actions, such as opening the Player Menu, starting a Walk-Thru, playing a resource,...
  • How to Enable Auto-Toggle for Multi-Language

    Last Update December 16, 2018
    Brief Overview The Auto-Toggle method is the recommended way to implement WalkMe Multi-Language on your website or platform. This method involves WalkMe...